GHB/GABA analog found in common ornamental flowers. Options
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"γ-hydroxyglutamate isolated from Plox decussata"

"γ-Hydroxybutyrate = GHB, also known as 4-hydroxybutanoic acid, is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter and a psychoactive drug."
γ-aminobutyrate = GABA

The structures are similar but I think it would be a GABA receptor agonist rather than a GHB receptor agonist.

I see packs of seeds online for £ 1.60.

I cannot find an image of the molecule.

Some other plants with analogs:
The two diastereoisomers, (2S,4R)-4-hydroxyglutamic acid and (2S,4S)-4-hydroxyglutamic acid, occur in characteristic concentration ratios in Phlox species. The second of these compounds is the principal free amino acid in the green parts of the plants. The presence of (2S,4R)-4-hydroxyglutamic acid in plants is reported for the first tiine. No other 4-substituted acidic amino acids were detected in the Phlox species analysed, although special attention was paid to the possible presence of 4-hydroxy-4-methylglutamic acids which have previously been reported in plants. It was found, however, that both diastereoisomers of (2S)-4-hydroxy-4-methylglutamic acid co-exist in Ledenbergia roseoaenea and also in Pandanus veitchii. Although the presence of 3,4-dihydroxyglutamic acids in green parts of Lepidium sativum and Rheum rhaponticum has been previously reported, we were not able to detect or isolate any of the possible diastereoisomers from the green parts or seeds of these plants. We did isolate glutathione which was found to have some properties in common with those reported for the dihydroxy compounds.

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