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In the "compilation of caapi&harmala's only.."-thread, some phenomena are described that are very simmilar to what one experiences after having taken iboga.
Some of the research that's being mentioned in the thread, suggests that pure harmaline may be on par with ibogaïne when it comes to it's visionary quality.

I think this is worth investigating for a couple of reasons:

1-For people who're interested in the iboga-experience, but who're put off by the perspective of being incapacitated for a couple of days, the shorter duration of the harmaline-experience may offer an oportunity to have such an experience.
2-Harmaline could maybe be a more ecologically responsible alternative to iboga, wich is being endangered by unsustainable harvesting.
3-Maybe harmaline has medicinal properties that are simmilar to those of iboga.

I thought of posting this in the collaborative research section, but i think the iboga section is just as appropriate. Because of the fact that it will probably take very long to realy get a good picture of how exactly ibogaïne and harmaline are related to eachother in terms of effects, there is the risk of the research dying-out before it's even begun.

So i'm thinking of making a checklist. We list effects, typical of iboga, and we just wait for people to rate to wich extent they've experienced these effects after having taken harmaline.

So people, your input please. Wich are effects, you think are typical of iboga?

My input on this:1-halfway the experience the are these spectacular tracers that are paired with bright flashes of white light. You can just name them iboga-tracers. Everybody who's ever taken iboga will know what i mean. 2-The feeling of endlessly falling. 3-A constant feeling of loosing counsciousness or passing out, simmilar to what you also experience when you sit still for a long time and then suddenly stand up quickly. 4-vividly re-experiencing early childhood memories. 5-slowing and speeding-up of time, in waves. 6-a vibrating sensation, especially when you move. 7-being totally immersed into other worlds that are very realistic, when you close your eyes. 8-enhanced perception: nightvision and superhearing (i once could hear the sound of an ordinary lightbulb, several meters away).
9-Visions with african themes. 10-Seeing ghost-like or smoke-like figures. 11-seeing random patterns of colours, that are not completely unlike DMT or shroom-like Visuals, but lacking the refinement and elegance. They rather appear like random spatters, stripes or very rudimentary cave-paintings. They don't seem to be symmetrical or otherwise organised.

Maybe i'll think of a few more, later on.
I think we should only list effects that most people agree are typical of iboga.

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