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Hi everyone,

My name is José Carlos Bouso, Scientific Projects Director at the ICEERS Foundation, a non-profit NGO with ECOSOC (United Nations) consultative status, focused on the study of traditional psychoactive plants and the preservation of associated rituals.

I am writing here because we are organizing the II World Ayahuasca Conference, to be held from October 17-22, 2016, in Rio Branco, Brazil. For one week, more than 100 world expert speakers and 80 Amazonian indigenous peoples — including shamans, ayahuasca religion leaders, drug policy experts, clinicians, curanderos, anthropologists, psychologists and numerous other specialists in ayahuasca — will gather and to transform Rio Branco into the world epicenter of ayahuasca culture.

All event details are available on the website of the Conference:

As a gift to the online communities on psychedelics and ayahuasca we are giving away five tickets for the Conference. You can enter the draw via this link until 14 September.

Best regards,

Dr. José Carlos Bouso
ICEERS – Scientific Projects Director
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