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I'm sure something similar has been discussed somewhere around the net, but I have some thoughts..

I'm trying to figure out if anyone has similar issues regarding tolerance. When I was first starting to use kratom a couple years ago I always needed 6 ish grams to get the effects I like, nowadays I usually get sedated at that dose but have a hard time getting it to work the way it used to at any dose..sometimes I will get decent effects at 2-4 grams but it never lasts that long anymore. When I get sedating effects the obvious instinct is to back off a bit, but sometimes I actually can pull myself from sedation if I pile another good bit on top, like from 6 gs to 12 gs. That's when I get the effects I used to but I think it's a bit much to play that close to those higher doses as I hate fighting sedation..

I was curious if anyone has experienced this as well..where they can just take more to break sedation or does it usually just make that stronger? I'm thinking that maybe I just get enough euphoria from specific strains at high doses to not be taken by the sedating effects..when I used to take opiates it would take me 2 "hydro tens" to get euphoric, pain relieving energy. I have a bunch of different strains and usually don't do the same strain that much in a row, almost always a different mix of a couple or few strains. I don't want to use coffee or anything like that to help get the strong stimulating qualities, I've tried magnesium and also curcummin (probably could try that some more I suppose) with little noticeable difference. I use lemon and lime juice to help increase the activity and have been drinking probiotic drinks for a while with, still, little difference.

Maybe my body has poor absorption from improper diet, tolerance..? Idk, I just want to get the strong stimulating effects I used to without HAVING to take week-long or longer breaks. I really enjoy using this to stay motivated everyday so I am trying to figure out the best way others have found to keep the stimulating qualities hitting hard every time. Do I just need to raise my dose up past the typical sedating doses? I have enough to accomodate that type of life but that seems a bit ridiculous to's the only way I've found, though, to get a STRONG stimulating boost with eupjoris for hours...those low doses do give me energy and make me more alert but it's not strong and tapers off quick :/
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Speaking from personal experience :

Kratom is quite habit forming. Tolerance builds fast if dosing is not regulated.

It can be a useful plant; Respect it's boundaries though, mild discomfort can come from ceasing daily use. I wouldn't recommend taking more than a few grams at a time, if for nothing else, practicalities sake.

Thanks for considering my words.

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Indeed I agree with you there that it is habit forming, but so much stuff is, even food that makes us release a dose of dopamine. I have never had any issues with WD symptoms as I've never exceeded my realistic doses for long. I used to take 6-8 gs and get great effects, but now have dropped to (most of the time) 2-3.5 or 4 gs max in a dose unless I don't get much from it..more than that and I'm playing with possible sedation lol I now wait at least close to an hour in between dosing to judge it better but even when/if 2 gs, or whatever around there, does actually hit me right, it doesn't ever last more than like 30 minutes. I have no problem not doing any for a while throughout the day so I can ensure I'm in a "receiving" state with my digestion..that's the main consistent factor I've noticed in myself, how much my body is trying to absorb. In the mornings I can only ever get it to work if I wake up at the right time in my circadian rythym, if I'm not in an alert state it just seems to not absorb (probably this way for everyone to some degree). At night, however, when I have been smoking herb throughout the day or have been drinking coffee (rare anymore) and I let myself get really tired after the comedown, I can take a 6 gram or higher dose of kratom and get a very energized peppiness which is what my goal is with this plant.

I'm thinking my diet really needs a shift to organic or vegan again, it really helps a lot of other sunstances work their magic that much more as well. Perhaps if I can get my body to as-close-to-pique condition as possible with my income and budget, then I'll be able to get the most from used to last for hours and I'd be very motivated, happy, energized and social for the duration..just kind of bums me out that it's such a fickle creature and this difficult to get consistent effects..I'm working on some extracts at this time and they seem to help take away the sedating qualities. Did a water extract and an alcohol extract (didn't have the kind I'd prefer to use, but it did the trick). But I still would love to figure out what some have done in my situation. I want to make the peak long-lasting and stimulative. To get that amazing, euphoric boost as often as I can. Trying to figure consistencies so I know how to better my methods.

Also had the thought that maybe I need less now to get a stimulating effect because of accumulation..maybe it's still active enough or enough is still present from daily use to not need much more for the receptors to kick on...idk
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It is not possible to take kratom more than once a week without tolerance setting in. At the end of the day it is a mu opioid receptor agonists. That means tolerance and if increased dosage plus regular use, dependence.

Whilst it is a relatively benign opioid it remains and opioid and must be treated as such.

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