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Anyone got some recipes or experiences with working with Florida water during a ceremony?

(Not water from Florida lol)
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You may find this thread of interest:

How to use Agua Florida

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I had Florida water and authentic absinthe added to ink and tattooed into me =)
Sort of blessing myself with it and making them more a part of me.

Anyway I use florida water as I've seen it used in shamanic context. I wear it as a cologne, I sprinkle it all over my room and bed. I use it with intention, as you would a smudge, to clear negative energies/spirits/illness and call in good energy/spirits, etc. and protect and fortify the space. Before and after kambo sessions, before journeying. I also use white sage, palo santo, and organic and additive-free tobacco for these purposes and in combination. I bill soplando (blow) tobacco smoke on myself and others, like down their chests and back, and especially the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, and into the top or crown chakra of the head. These are entry and exit points of the body for energy, and it is said that spirits can enter and leave you through them. Picture they are points where you have spiritual eyes, e.g. when you do healing work on somebody through your hands, you can feel energies and output energy through your hands. So I also pill pour florida water onto those points or after blowing the tobacco there. You can pour it in doorways and around spaces you are going to work in, to protect them.
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