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hi everyone,

this weekend it was announced that Julian Palmer is going to give a talk at Psy-Fi this year.
here is the announcement text

Julian Palmer is one of our special guest speakers on Psy-Fi’s Sacred island. We are looking forward to his talk ☺
A good 8 years after Australian people first began extracting DMT from these trees in 1991, Julian Palmer was introduced to DMT. This experience catalysed him on a path of exploring, working with and understanding the acacias, as well as many other psychoactive plants and compounds.
During 2003 and 2004, Julian developed a smoking blend of herbs into which was infused acacia alkaloids, especially including Ayahuasca vine and/or leaf. He gave this blend its colloquial or common name, “Changa”, which has since taken off around the world, being the preferred medium for many to smoke DMT rather than crystal DMT. Changa can allow people to access DMT, with the state being more like smokeable ayahuasca, than the completely immersive and often very intense breakthrough states that smoking crystal usually offers.
In his early 20’s, he explored many forms of spiritual inquiry, practiced purification of intent and worked in web design and multimedia for companies and freelance work.
After moving to the far north coast of NSW when he was 24, he quickly got seriously into psychedelics and since that time hasn’t really stopped exploring and learning about them and the states they could catalyze.


with a seemingly autonomous entity after taking DMT?
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