Drug testing reagent results videos and TLC spot height calculator Options
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(This thread existed already but I accidentally deleted it :facepalm: So here it is again )

Here is a database with the results for hundreds of substances tested with the reagents marquis, mecke, mandelin, ehrlich, hofmann/pdmab-ts, froehde, simons and liebermann.

You can purchase all these reagents here (or check here for other vendors). TLC kits can also be bought in this link.

Testing with TLC is easy! Test your substance next to any other substance that is of confirmed identity (if you don't have anything at home you can buy caffeine online or even just soak coffee beans in the provided testing liquid and use that). Then you measure the height of the spot of your known substance (for example caffeine or anything else you have), and then select your unknown substance (the one you suspect what it should be but need to confirm it's identity) from the dropdown list, and the calculator will tell you where your unknown substance should be on the plate.

EDIT: You need to be logged in to be able to download the attached excel file, or click here:

This file was uploaded on github by a friend, so now everybody can contribute and this calculator will keep growing

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Thank you Endlessness, the spread sheet for TLC is "Spot On" (Sorry - couldn't resist).
By strange coincidence I do have some caffeine for the comparison base - one item less to worry about.

I will be making my own TLC plates and experimenting with different stationary phase materials, talc for a start, whiting (very fine chalk), calcined alumina, fine quartz flour at 600 grit. I'll mess about with the binder, a hard plaster including an acrylic polymer (SP201), as long as the acids from the reagents don't have a problem with the polymer. I am a lazy git and I can not for the life of me spend ages grinding up silica jel beads, I can visualize the darn things twanging against the walls as you try to herd them into the pestle and mortar to pound them into submission Big grin !!

The plaster (25 kilo - LOL!) and the 5 litre polymer I have was for casting chess pieces - another task in abeyance (posh word for procrastination). Cutting up the aluminium sheets into strips is going to be a pain but I might forgo that and buy in some glass microscope slides instead.
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The spot height calculator on doesn't work in some browsers.

It seems like the actual calculator lives on anyway and that link works just fine for me and loads a bit faster.
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I'm a bit puzzled.

In the XLS file there is no 3-MMC listed.

In the calculator pitubo linked, 3-MMC is listed, but the calculator does not work for 3-MMC.

I'm just wondering now. Does 4-MMC have the same value as 3-MMC? If not how different are they? (distinguishable by TLC?)

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