"Dr. Gerry" Sandoval to speak on bufo alvarius in Portland 4/10/16 Options
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APR 10
Bufo Alvarius, 5 Meo DMT, and the entheogenic experience with Dr. Gerardo
Event for PEERS - Portland Entheogenic Exploration and Research
Sunday at 6 PM

Bush Street Wellness Center
5336 SE Bush St, Portland, Oregon 97206

Room fee donations accepted, no door charge.

"Bio: Dr. Gerardo Sandoval Isaac MD OBGyN from Guadalajara, Mexico has been sharing the Entheogenic Experience as an MD in magical mexico since 2005, pioneer in Mexico on the use of Toad Medicine ceremonies with over 2,000 sessions worldwide, author of the book “The God Molecule” published by Divine Media Publishing Co., with experience in Entheogens for over 20 years, president and director of the Bufo Alvarius Foundation Corp. both in the US and in Mexico; travels as the ambassador for the Sonoran Desert Toad, to raise consciousness about the protection of this marvelous amphibious being, share the proper administration of this sacrament and raise funds to create the Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary in Mexico."

There are not a lot of people, especially in North America, who hold and provide psychedelic medicine that I really "like" very much. Most seem to hold their ego in front of it and require one to accept their worldview in order to take part. Gerry doesn't do that, he's a humble, sincere person and I invite anyone who is in the area who reads this and would like to attend to come.
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