Dennis Mckenna talk via Skype in Portland on Sunday Options
#1 Posted : 3/31/2016 7:19:43 PM

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I know this is short notice, but we threw this together real quick when the opportunity arose, all are welcome!

Co-Sponsored by Portland entheogenic exploration + research society (PEERS) and the Los Angeles medicinal plant society (LAMPS):

[quote]Dennis McKenna will be coming to PEERS from Minnesota via a live stream event with Los Angeles with LAMPS (Los Angeles Medicinal Plant Society). This is a wonderful opportunity to have Dennis address both groups simultaneously as well as connect with another West Coast entheogen group! The talk starts promptly at 6 pm so arrive on time! Please bring money to help us cover the $75 room fee -- any remaining money goes toward the first annual Portland Psychedelic Gathering June 25th. To learn more about Dennis, check out his wikipedia page:[/quote]

Link to Facebook announcement
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