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Attn. If you're having a hard time breaking through read this. Options
#101 Posted : 5/3/2015 4:58:59 PM
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Yeah how may people were afraid like I was to let go? Like I'd smoke tons and stand up and try to hold on to reality which was very very strange and confusing and maybe scary but still parts of my apt were there. Then I'd smoke the same amount or even less and when I learned to let go had a breakthrough and it was amazing.
Just wondering if there's some easier way to get new comers to overcome that anxiety, not fight it, and just breakthrough other than having something like the machine where you can make sure they get 100mg or something which is super hard for a newbie to hold on their lungs you know what I mean?

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#102 Posted : 5/4/2015 12:05:26 AM

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It's kind of funny, I searched around and could find no mention of using a sensory deprivation blanket, this has been my trick for many years now, a breakthrough blanket, a tripping blanket. A large, 100% polyester blanket (very soft) all wrapped around you. Sensory deprivation is key. It works like a charm, try it.
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#103 Posted : 9/13/2015 12:31:33 PM

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olympus mon wrote:
What a substance wrote:
I love your posts and your knowledge.

If I may ask...have you ever used /do you have an opinion on "the machine" or would you just class it along with meth type pipe?


No the machine works quite well. I haven't made one before but seen them and would rate them high on the vaping tool list. However Ill always advise that enhanced leaf or a good sandwich is the fastest easiest and cheapest way to breakthrough.
However if your a hands on person that enjoys tinkering the machine is a lot of fun and makes a great DMT administering tool.
Happy voyages!

Hey, i'm no expert to comment on what you might have had experienced over the years, i haven't tried freebase more than 5 times.
I have tried the machine twice, an electronic vaporizer, my own some shitty method before finally moving to the dab rig. IMHO, dab rig is the way to go.
The machine works well, but you have to take a minimum 2 pulls, mostly 3, also the vapor being too hot/harsh, same for the e-vaporizer, but with the dab rig, it's perfect. One hit breakthrough, the vapor is smoother too as it passes through water. I used dab rig for the first time with 2 friends who same like me are not smokers, who infact didn't even know what the dab rig is....all 3 of us broke through.
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#104 Posted : 12/9/2015 8:19:33 AM

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Ive got a suspicion that if someone has high levels of serotonin then it will dampen the effects considerably.
Recently I tried roughly 20mg when I was feeling fairly stressed and a down and almost instantly had multicoloured closed eye visuals of candy poles (you know the type) morphing and flowing. After a few days I was a great deal calmer and feeling stable and well but didnt get anything like this, practically no CEV what-so-ever, at first I put it down to the light but then tried it again in the same light (just going into dusk) and again had very little CEV activity, however I did feel great for hours after, and the next days.
Something else that leads me to believe this is that when I first started vaping I was a regular cannabis smoker , and cannabis reduces serotonin levels (in myself Im fairly sure as Ive used 5-htp in the past to lift me out of a heavy stone-over/mild depression), almost every time I vaped would get an immersive experience involving intricate CEV.
Could be just coincidence but Im not so sure..but if anything it reinforces my view that it IS a medicine because the CEV I was describing of my recent immersive experience were like they were fixing something.
#105 Posted : 3/13/2016 9:56:02 PM

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Dear members and fellow travelers,

it's a pleasure to finally be here. First of all I'd like to thank all of you for this wonderful forum. I remember as if it were yesterday my first visit to this realm full of wisdom.

Now I'd like to give something back by sharing my experience:

A very good friend of mine and I found our preferred method of administration, I couldn't believe how easy it is to actually breakthrough using an AroMed vaporizer (don't forget some steel wool or a liquid pad), setting the temperature to 210°, slowly breathing and exhaling is more than enough. Most importantly don't rush it. I have to admit that I underestimated this device, simply because I always thought that one has to take huge hits for experiencing a breakthrough, but thankfully I've been proven wrong. Also it relieves the anxiety of possibly doing something wrong, i.e. burning the spice etc.

With kind regards,

#106 Posted : 3/16/2016 4:59:14 PM

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dear fellow psychonauts

thank you so much OM for this thread. thank you also for the "changa masterclass". this really helped me to get into it - and to finally break through!

my first breakthrough was with changa and a glass blubber. what really helped was to lose the pre flight jitters and to improve my smoking skills. this is what i feel to share in this thread. both (pre flight jitters / a calm mind set AND inhaling skills) helps me with smoking changa and vaping fb dmt for a good breakthrough experience.

here we go - loosing nervousness:
i always find that the first hit kinda shocks me a bit. so i'm a bit nervous every time i hold the smoking tool and lighter. maybe a bit like a jump into the cooling lake after having a sunbath. once i'm in the water its beautiful. but getting wet can be a bit tense. so what i do is taking my time to feel comfortable with the journey. so i take one hit after the next until i feel really ready for take off. sometimes i do this for 30 minutes, but i also did this for about 2 hrs. like going in, coming back, going in deeper, coming back or keeping the level. working with breathing etc. i had really very beautiful and deep trances with this approach to the breakthrough. and it works with fb and changa as i mentioned. i also experienced that sometimes i decided not to break through after a session like this and it was just as good. but in this trance, when everything is ok to take off, i feel it's easy because i lost the pre flight jitters and my mind is ready for what comes and to let go.

holding the hit in the lungs:
when i do this slow approach to hyperspace i also play with my breathing. or better with holding the hit in my lungs. after almost every hit comes the urge to exhale. what i realized (i think i didn't read about this technique in this thread) is that there is so much more space in the lungs for fresh air. so when i'm holding the hit in my lungs after something like ten seconds i inhale another 3 liters of fresh air until my lungs are completely full. with this i dilute the vape or smoke in my lungs and i can hold the breath for minimum another 60 seconds. it's fun to observe the effects coming on more and more while holding the breath. it feels a bit like i'm pushing the molecule into my bloodstream from the inside Smile

makes sense? try! for me it's about getting comfortable and taking my time...

hey - travel safe and lots of love!
#107 Posted : 9/13/2016 2:30:20 AM
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Question about... Pharmahuasca?

I have syrian rue and b caapi, and have made and ingested teas of both prior to vaping spice with noticeable results.
Truly, it's a different experience.
I have read and heard people proclaiming that MAOIs allow for a more gradual descent into a breakthrough and hyperspace.
So okay,
I've taken that to mean that after one smokes an entire breakthrough dose, that the MAOI makes the rocketing into hyperspace more of a quick stroll.
Is this wrong/not the entire truth?
Could someone clarify for me, do the MAOIs allow

A) Smoking an entire breakthrough dose in one toke as usual, followed by a slower entrance into hyperspace and/or breakthrough


B) The MAOI extends the ingestion time threshold, allowing you to load an entire breakthrough dose in your pipe, and take a couple tokes at your own pace, each one bringing you closer towards breakthrough

Much thanks for guidance Big grin
#108 Posted : 10/16/2016 7:47:10 AM


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Hi all... I just wish to thank you all for your contributions to this particular thread: after a few weeks researching and reading all possible way to be DMT, I've finally made it to the other side, and... it just feels great!

I'm in my 40s now, and in my 20s I've experienced really fun trips with LSD, mushrooms and the like... I've never been a fan of ganja or hashish, I've tried opium, MDMA and coke, always avoiding heroin and meth. Anyhow, lately I found myself missing those kind of scenarios, and I've decided to get back into it... I must admit, Terence McKenna makes quite an intriguing invitation with his wonderful speeches and books. So I've got my hands on some DMT a couple of weeks ago.

For the first few days I've been trying to vape my freebase - it is not an easy task, and it get get quite frustrating; at some point I also thought it could have been a matter of quality... I had several minutes of high intensity geometric patterns visuals, but nothing extraordinary I must confess. The smoke was really very harsh, and although I've been a smoker most of my life, I did struggle to keep it in. Also - and this was definitely a warning sigh - my lips were so numbed and tasted really very bad.

Therefore, I decide to continue searching and reading... I didn't give up, and finally I came across this wonderful thread: yesterday I considered the good old sandwich method: it's so well explained here, you can't really go wrong! My first attempt with 50mg and passion flower was "delicious": no harsh smoke, great visuals and the whole trip lasted quite longer than before... I thought there was more to discover though, and today I've loaded 100mg in a glass pipe, sandwiched passion flower again... P U R E J O Y.

Thanks again... ALL.
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#109 Posted : 10/17/2016 9:19:34 PM

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Half measure avail us nothing.

HA! indeed.Thumbs up
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#110 Posted : 5/29/2017 10:03:42 PM

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Thanks for the post, I will have to try the changa method!
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#111 Posted : 9/3/2017 3:57:26 AM

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Interested to learn what opinions are held about my experiences.

I don't see as a general rule; and although a few rare exceptions exist, each of those was with a very unusually low dose.

I do have PTSD diagnosed, although awhile the shrinks wanted it to be schizophrenia, it turns out to be PTSD. However I have had no PTSD symptoms since using Ayahuasca in 2013. I do however retain much of the sensitivities of the PTSD state of mind, if I want, but can now turn that off very readily also.

Within my PTSD symptoms, I never had visual hallucinations, but I did have somatic hallucinations. Somatic hallucinations are easier to discern apart from the immediate solid matter experience perhaps. I still have these but it was never out of control. Just as some folks get called "Clairvoyant", there is also "Clairsentience", and that is what I am.

All psychedelics impact upon me profoundly at a very low dose, influencing my dreams through many years thereafter, and thus also influencing my daily reality. Due to my sensitivities, I have oriented into the practice of homeopathy, however I also understand very well, that homeopathic remedies, (made by serial dilution more potent yet diluted until less than one mole of the original substance is present, modern western science is not sensitive to these remedies existing as yet; despite the clear evidence of something being present in homeopathic remedies during psychedelic expriences), do not always work with everybody in the correct direction, and can therefore be dangerous, and thus don't often get included as good science. The point being, in a homeopath's serial dilution, a plant like datura stramonium, which is often enough prescribed in homeopathy, can aid certain persons in their breaking through. I think that years of individualised homeopathic prescription made me more sensitive in many ways; most ways positive.

An indigenous person here once told me that when you have a de ja vu experience, do something you have never done before. And I learned by experience, that can cause the de ja vu to lengthen out each time, become more frequent, until inevitably eventually the de ja vu is overt in how it connects present time to past and future perhaps. So I think a de ja vu can be broken through as well.

Any opinions are acceptable in these matters.
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#112 Posted : 3/4/2018 11:33:55 PM

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protostar wrote:
I don't agree with you OP that using a meth pipe is a "surely shit method" of vaping DMT.
I have a beautiful little custom-made colorful glass oil burner pipe aka meth pipe and it is absolutely perfect for vaporizing 5-meo-dmt.
In fact, I got it right on my first try, it is easy, and not only did I not waste any material, but rather there is still residual 5-meo-dmt from my previous experience built up inside of the bulb, which I could vaporize again without having to add more for a full-on experience.
All one has to do in essence is turn the pipe sideways and hold micro-torch flame a half an inch beneath the bulb, heating it gradually until the material melts and begins to vaporize and fill the bulb with vapor, then set down your lighter and inhale.
It's a beautifully designed, elegant pipe which is all one piece which is quite efficient and lightweight as well, and very inexpensive.
Compare all of that to an overly-expensive, heavy, multi-pieced GVG and the choice as to which one to use is quite clear.

The OP was intended specifically for vaporizing N,N DMT. 5-meo-dmt is significantly easier to vaporize without wasting & is alot more potent by weight.

Im fairly certain if one were to try the method outlined in the OP with pure 5-meo-dmt the experience that followed would be disastrous & very possible lethal.
#113 Posted : 12/3/2018 2:58:50 AM
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What about the Machine? I have plenty experience with the Rose pipe from years of Meth smoking and still had trouble with DMT on one. It's not the same you can tell it may melt down, roll, and run like crank but it definetly has different behavioural properties that make it apparent to me that this way will require luck more than skill for a experience that's of mention.
#114 Posted : 12/5/2018 9:11:10 AM

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being new to dmt and everything that comes along with it I didnt know exactly what I was doing my first time and was too impatient to research more. I vaped 40mg my first time through a rig in 1 huge pull and def burned some cuz it tasted like 10x mothball concentrate, needles to say my whole experience was grounded in the nasty flavor. i remember the whole time while my mind was flipping thinking "when will the taste stop" simultaneously thinking "fuck i did it this time im dead"

anyway i didn't break through i couldnt let go, it was scary af tbh. but like a good mouse i need more testing

2nd time i decided id try the sandwich method using a grav sherlock, white sage from a smudge, which i have in abundance and because im a crystal fiend. i eyeballed about 30mg took 2 large hits and a 3rd smaller one. ill say that the taste was no longer an issue. it honestly tasted good or as close to good as i could imagine, very cooling smooth flavor. but again no breakthrough. as soon as i blasted off something told me i wasnt ready, i immediatly became petrified and repeated "im not ready, I'm not ready..." i felt this overpowering pressence holding me down keeping me in between space until it wore off...fucked me up.

3rd time is the charm they say. i went and picked up a bag of mullien from a spiritual/hippie store in my local mall. since i swore there was evil spirits in my room from the last time, I threw on icaros chant from youtube and i did a thorough sage cleansing and set positive intention this time. I sandwiched approx 30mg again and managed to take 2 large hits. WOW. taste - ideal as far as im concerned. and i truly believe the mullien adds something to the experience, a calming and grounding effect. good synergy with the dmt. i took off with normal pre-flight but i let go easily and blasted right through the waiting room of infinity, barley saw the bloom as i punched through it... I'll end there because this isnt a trip report.

conclusion: while I'm new and fairly inexperienced i tried 2 methods.
vape through a dab rig and sandwiching with 2 variations of sandwiching
while the vaping was easier to take a very large dose in one hit i was unable to breakthrough on 40mg weighed.
sandwiching with sage at approx. 30mg was scary and no breakthrough.
for me the sandwiching method specifically approx. 30mg with mullien provided an easy pleasurable breakthrough. my preffered method as of now. my good friend agrees.
will i rule out other options no. supply is not a factor so im open to poking around.

btw happy to be here.
#115 Posted : 9/20/2019 8:06:27 AM

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Changa for me!

Changa has been super consistent in terms of getting me where I need to go just about every time.

But I've recently become a fan of the e cigs and the cartridges. It's easy to concentrate down and get a one hit breakthrough with no problem. Also a very consistent method, if used with adequate equipment.

I see a lot of people discussing dabbing dmt these days. Has anyone posted guidelines on dabbing dmt?
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#116 Posted : 9/20/2019 2:03:34 PM

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I’ve tried darn near everything and a mesh RDA blows everything out of the water. Cheapest as well. It has taken things to a new level for me.
#117 Posted : 10/12/2019 5:03:28 AM

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Excellent stuff!! Ive been extracting for just over a month now and just testing the waters and reading about different ways to consume, and the sandwich is great! I dont believe I've broken through yet but I haven't tried, just haven't had the proper setting yet. Next week I will make Changa per OM'S Changa post, and after reading this I think I will bong it up once the Changa is ready! Time to blast off. Thank you!
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#118 Posted : 10/12/2019 8:27:59 AM

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I love this thread, I've yet to read an Olympus Mon thread I didn't like. If the Nexus was a 12 step meeting I would ask him to be my sponsor.
olympus mon wrote:
You need to hit it with intention to get where you want to be!

"Good and evil lay side by side as electric love penetrates the sky..." -Hendrix

"We have arrived at truth, and now we find truth is a mystery- a play of joy, creation, and energy. This is source. This is the mystic touchstone that heals and renews. This is the beginning again. This is entheogenic." -Nicholas Sand
#119 Posted : 10/21/2019 7:58:04 AM

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GRVDIGR wrote:
I’ve tried darn near everything and a mesh RDA blows everything out of the water. Cheapest as well. It has taken things to a new level for me.

I can second this Thumbs up Tried and tested 4 times now and the mesh RDA method is equivalent to using a dab rig with glass banger. Only it’s better as no flame and hot glass rig to deal with whilst being shot into another dimension. 30mg breakthroughs with 1 hit and 1 click of a button Big grin
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#120 Posted : 10/22/2020 1:56:36 PM

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If you are not "Breaking Through" then this is my best advice, after 40+ trips.

Firstly Vape DMT don't smoke it from a pipe, use a SubOhm coil set to 65 Watts, and vape it. Dilute the powder into VG/PG 50/50 mix. You can keep inhaling as much as you like at your own pace, and keep yourself in the state for an Hour.
5 minutes from a pipe is a waste of time. You need room to work with.

Most people don't understand the basic truth of what they are which is why DMT is so confusing and why people say they've had a "breakthrough" when all they've done is go into a dimension of consciousness with no meaning and talked to a Clown in a land filled with candy land colours. That's not a breakthrough.

Try repeating Mantra sometime, I've used "I am the manifestation of consciousness, within the light and love of God"
and I ended up being "picked up" by a spiritual dragon made of white light that flew me upwards into a world of pure universal Spirit. It shot fireworks of orange fractals to celebrate the understanding, then flew through the Spirit.
It's mostly a subtle white light with streaks of light blues and greys, it's very Divine and intelligent.
If you put your hand across your heart and feel inwards you feel incredible qualities of purity and love, noble, kindness.
You feel and understand that it is You, beyond the concepts of who we thought we were. You feel in the direct presence of God, not only that, you feel no separation from God. God and "You" they become the same thing because it's one light shining through you and everything in the Universe.

You can also get there consciously through pure understanding, when you start with DMT most of us find we are in what I call the meaningless dimension. It's the blackness filled with bright neon lights, pinks, yellows.. child like, like a hyper space cartoon show. It's like a childrens nursery with no meaning, just playful and fun. Cotton Candy Land.
You can either stay there and be distracted by it all, which is what most people do thinking " this is it "
Or you can consciously understand that you are consciousness, in a universe made of consciousness and it expands in all directions from meaningless to meaningful, from black to light, from bright colours to white light. From no feeling to pure love. From that understanding, you can slowly move upwards through that meaningless dimension upwards into more and more meaning, more and more light, consciously doing it as you move upwards, and see points of light merging to a single point above you. When you reach it you come to the same space, the universal spirit. The Atman / Holy Spirit. It's the pure light of consciousness that flows through all beings, and is your real Self. That's my current understanding, beyond that you can even go past the light of Spirit. If you repeat "I am not the body, I am not even the mind" you'll see that the white light rolls away like a cloud revealing a black infinite Void of no-thing. It's the most real thing I've ever experienced, it was like an understanding of that being the Absolute reality beyond form, the Unmanifest.

People waste their time with DMT going around these bright colourful play pens that distract you from asking "Who am I?" You can even ask that Question while in the Spirit. "WHO AM I ?" It showed me a Buddha being of golden light shining in front of me. When I changed my position from my meditation posture, to one of holding my hands in prayer, I felt like Christ. With the understanding that "God takes all form" Everyone is a Buddha, everyone is Enlightened, they just don't know it. SUB EK - All One. No differences.

"It is the notion of 'you' and 'I' by which your mind has been held captive all along." Anandamayi Ma

There is no 'you' or 'I' only the Self alone exists. When we wake up from our separateness we can start to work on ourselves to reduce the ego, and try to love everyone in this universe as a manifestation of the Beloved. Helping the suffering of another, is helping your own Self. We are here to Serve and to Wake Up.
Wake up from the idea that we are somebody. The real Self is beyond Space and Time.

And as a point to be clear, I was completely Atheist before DMT, I spent 32 years of my life laughing at the idea of God, as akin to Santa. I did not believe, until my experiences. After these experiences, I researched spirituality and learned about the Vedas, and the understanding of consciousness.

I felt such bliss on one of my early trips I raised my hand upwards to the sky and said " This is for the Gods " as an Atheist I just meant, the feeling was so incredible if Gods were real, it must be how they feel... a huge Void opened up above my head when I said it, and I stared into in shock, there was "nothing" there, it was just a black tunnel / void but with this immense energy and power shining down into my body with the understanding that somehow that "nothingness" was God. It then put me into a white spiritual light where I saw an Angelic like being of light gliding across a white light space, and a feeling of absolute perfection, order, meaning and purpose.

It's so real that it blessed me with natural experiences outside of DMT to prove to me it is real, it opened up my heart and I felt an energy pour into the heart like it was expanding and actually getting bigger. I felt this profound love I've never felt before, sweet and safe, pure and beautiful. Then a white light surrounded my body. That happened naturally, no DMT..
DMT can give you a direct spiritual awakening if you do it consciously.
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