Separating Fact From Fiction: What You Need to Know About Synthetic Drugs Options
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Wednesday Teleconference: Leading Experts Share Insight on Synthetic Cannabinoids, “Flakka”, “Bath Salts”, and Other New Psychoactive Substances

Could Strict Regulatory Restrictions Be More Effective Than Criminalization For Protecting Public Safety and Health?

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Big grin hopefully this plays out nicely & regulations are set.
Nice timing for a shift like this too, 1-p lsd just coming out a few months ago.
I have a feeling if things happen in our favor, the legal lysergamide market is going to explode in popularity in the u.s. & 1-p will get just as big as real L.
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What do we actually know about these “new” and “emerging” drugs? When it comes to these substances – some of which have been around for many years – how do we separate the science from the media panic? What options are available to policymakers looking to act in the best interests of public safety and health? And what lessons have we learned from regulating other substances such as alcohol and tobacco

They are called 'RC's' for a reason. Some of which that are far more tentative and dangerous than others. It just so happens that many of these extremely tentative psychoactives are distributed far more quickly and readily than any currently available 'RC's'.. most of which are legal(unscheduled) or planned for scheduling. We can separate fact from fiction by educating and utilizing many various applications such as reagent kits, or other types of methods of analysis that can be facilitated through other means. Policy makers really should strive to prevent certain activities as to reduce negative experiences, plots, scams or deaths attributed to LH's or RC's.. not just through producing money by it but promoting intelligence and awareness surrounding these new and emerging drugs.

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