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#1 Posted : 6/19/2009 8:22:09 PM

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Like many people here, probably, I got started pretty young. When I was 13 good strong pure blotter was always available for no more then $3. I had a couple friends I would drop with every weekend usually at my house. One of those friends was on all sorts of psyche drugs and I think it was probably some MAOI in there because he always tripped so hard. Anyway we all 3 were chugging along and at some point me and J noticed that S was leaning up against my wall for awhile but with his eyes open so I wave my hand in front of his eyes and he falls over to the side and starts convulsing like crazy like out of a movie and foam starts coming out of his mouth (didnt know that really happens!) So I ran into my moms room at 2am and she holds his head because he started puking down his throat. She calls the cops, the cops take him out on a streacher. Me and J are wraped up in a blanket on the couch anwsering the cops questions, their faces are sliding around like warm peanut butter and I give them a fake description of the dealer. They leave us to ride out the rest of our trip. We play twisted metal on the PS till we can go to sleep. Never touched the stuff again.
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Always do a little research, especially when taking other pharms. Being 13, I could see people getting a little careless. That must of sucked talking to the cops about that lol.
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What a rough introduction...
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