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Hi peeps, I was wondering if anyone else here is dabbled with energy work while on iboga, particularly the tail end of a flood session in the noribogaine phase?? If they haven't, this is then a suggestion to maybe give it a go, even if one is highly sceptical of energy work (if one is interested in giving this a go, might be good to have a dabble when sober to act as an experimental control). Having no previous experience of energy work, I guess I was always a little sceptical, and while still definitely a noob to this, I've experienced more than enough with energy work techniques to know that there is definitely something to it.

I've experimented with it on a few different substances and definitely synergises very well with cannabis, if used alone sans tobacco, and profoundly so if I haven't used cannabis in a long time (wish to experiment more with oral cannabis with this in mind).

Iboga though is a whole different ball game. On the tail end of my last flood (2.5g TA + 1g ibogaine hcl), during the reflective noribogaine phase, I experimented with a few energy work techniques, with a focus on the IAC's VELO technique (linked describing that what, how and why is below).

The effect was very powerful...very tangible feelings of energy lapping up and down my body in liquid waves. It was like my energy movement capabilities had shifted from "noob" to "Jedi master". I actually started to feel my subtle/energy body start to peel away from my physical body doing this (beginning in my arms) and actually stopped then as I hadn't anticipated such strong effects. I wish now I'd had the guts to follow it through to the end, but at the time I was unsure about mixing astral projection/OBE stuff and iboga. But there was definitely a very interesting and quite amazing synergy going on here...I think a small dose of TA in combination with energy work techniques could make for a very interesting time... I've attached a doc on energy work techniques for anybody interested, something worthy of investigation for those curious I think, and a great way of filling the time that second night post flood when one is still iboga'd (saturated with noribogaine) and still unable to sleep.

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Thanks for the link Thumbs up
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I've been microdosing Iboga TPA tincture for around 2 months ... With breaks ... I always end my day with meditation / yoga / energy work and have had some very strong experiences, especially when smoke a (very) small joint of decent quality grass mixed with a (very) small dose of either rue or caapi harmalas, probably around 10 mg's eyeballed.

I have found an increased ability to go deep within myself and, as you did, tangible feelings and visions of the body'e energy. I find Ganja alone to be a good way of doing this but the Iboga has added an extra dimension.

I do stretching / yoga and use shiatsu type pressure to clear blockages and get the energy flowing.

I have been doing 3 weeks one 1 to 3 drops of tincture daily then 10 days off. Towards the end of my first 3 weeks I haven't really had any psychedlic effects, but during the daytime have experienced strong nootropic effects.

I'm due for my second 10 day break, but the effect with the meditation / energy work continued when I stopped for the first 10 day break (I continued using the ganja / harmala's )

I would like to go deeper with this work, but am not able to do a flood dose of Iboga at present. I am gently adding more harmala to the mix, but am in an at home with family situation and don't wish to freak the wife out with an ego death situation or suchlike!

Am tempted to add some deems, but will have to extract first, also tempted to add a touch of MXE, which I find to be a useful ally, but gently does it!
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