Hypothetically speaking, oral DMT w/o maoi Options
#1 Posted : 10/19/2007 10:08:44 PM
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Obviously, the reasons for not taking an MAOI are EXTREAMLY limited (Eating it to avoid incrimination, medications you're on... cant think of any more) Hypothetically speaking, could ingesting of enormous amounts of DMT without the use of an maoi produce effects? I mean, mao can't get ALL that dmt right? I'm talking upwards of one gram here. I don't know the exact way the the effects come on orally (I've never done much of anything, including dmt but I like to read trip reports and such for enjoyment) but it's my understanding that DMT is ingested, MAO tries to use that for food and it's broken down. When an MAOI is used, the MAO can't break down the DMT, thus effects are produced. Short: Could eating a BUNCHHHH of DMT crystals (pure DMT in gel caps?) produce effects or is this not the way it works?

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#2 Posted : 10/19/2007 10:52:29 PM
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I know [i:e0882adb7e]in theory at least[/i:e0882adb7e] 5meo acts as a weak maoi, but practically it wouldn't be worth it.In Tihkal Shulgin lists oral tests of NN up to a gram(I think) with no effects.Reckon it would be a wasteful experiment, maybe stick to the tried and tested Smile
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#3 Posted : 10/20/2007 12:38:49 PM

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1. with a massive amount of dmt, surely the by-products of it's breakdown would be massive, and maybe not good for you. 2. bit of waste, eh?
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#4 Posted : 10/21/2007 8:12:08 AM

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Nausea is a likely outcome if you ate 1000 mg or more - does anyone know about nausea from dmt alone, at what dose it get's irritating.? But to get high on orally administered dmt, you'd just have to 'flood' the MAO enzymes in your body, keeping them 'busy' with the first 700- 800 mg (just making up the #'s), and then the remaining 2 - 300 mg slip by the MAOs and make it to the brain. The trip would be short I bet, without any MAOI's But not intending to derail here, speaking of MAO enzymes in our bodies, can anyone explain howcome that report about 600 mg taken 'rectally' didn't get cleaned up by MAO enzymes..? Are there no MAOs in the blood vessels in the colon..? As far as break-down products of dmt, I bet one's liver and blood could clean up a gram taken orally, and probably just nourish you, make more serotonin or tryptophan, and recycle the precious MHRB extract ! Dmt would just turn into amino acids if not reused in the nervous system. I remember reading that dmt was more permeable to the blood-brain-barrier than glucose ..!> (Strassman..?!) ie. the brain 'scavenges' for dmt in the blood more avidly than it seeks sugars .>!> As an antidepressant, I wonder if you could give certain people dmt in 25 - 150 mg doses to be swallowed as a pill - the body would boost serotonin levels in response, but you'd probably not trip out, just feel good. But then folks like us would just start smoking the stuff.>>! And speaking of the re-cycling of dmt, since it is endogenous, ever notice how sleep is so more potent, and on feels so much more refreshed after a dmt session..? Almost as though the dmt was recycled and made into serotonin and such related tryptamine neurotransmitters, to charge you for the next day.? I have noticed this on oral doses that were not very psychotropic - I barley got tripping (MAOI extract that had worn off), but I had the BEST sleep, and felt so charged-up the next day from eating 75 mg over 2 hours the night before. But this was MAOI affected too...
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Well the dangers of overwhelming your maois should be obvious, they are there to protect you from other actually dangerous chems. I suppose one could fast and all, but seems like a waste to me.
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