Cluster Headaches and MJ/Sumatriptan Options
#1 Posted : 2/18/2015 9:12:17 PM

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Long story short i've suffered with cluster headaches for about 4 years.

I've always smoked MJ and noticed no side effects. However after a pretty massive bong hit the next morning i was still groggy and stoned. I suffered a cluster headache so I got my sumatriptan pen out and gave myself an injection an after a bit of pain passed out/ went to sleep.

When I woke My cluster headache had gone however I was feeling horrible side effects of extreme hot and cold flushes a terrible sore throat and extreme tiredness across my body.

I believe this was a direct relation to the sumatriptan having a bad interaction with the MJ still in my system. I would advise others to approach with caution if using sumatriptan after large doses of MJ. it has taken me almost two days to recover from this.

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Sorry to hear it, 2days recovering from something like an adverse reaction to your meds has got to be a bummer. Do you think the mj could've brought it on this time, even though you've not had any side effects before? Hope you're doing better now, take care friend Smile
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Read about psylocybin mushrooms and cluster headaches ...I've heard cubensis is a good medicine for that
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yeah 2 days from a reaction was a total bummer it meant missing uni for a 3 days in total! just catching up with work today. I dont think the MJ bought on the cluster headache as im in my cluster period i quit smoking cannabis for two years when i first started getting them thinking they may be related but they aren't.

However im 99.999% sure the reactions were due to having cannabis in my system at the time of taking the sumatriptan injection.

just friendly warning to other suffers I will smoke MJ as it has no effect on my cluster headaches however I will not be using sumatriptan any more. the side effects vary to much from nothing at all to aches, pains extreme temp flashes etc. and it definitely does not mix well with MJ.

I have heard psylocybin mushrooms can help, I have myself experimented with DMT and I find a 10MG dose taken in one will completely eliminate the cluster headache within moments of taking it, however funds dont allow me to pursue this at the moment its annoying because the budget for cluster headache research is ZERO and most suffers know more than their Dr.
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Learn to cultivate cubes. There's plenty of reports on them helping. It's not very expensive either and pretty simple. The effects of reducing the cluster headaches from psilocyb species
lasts for a few weeks to a month I hear after each dose.
I'm a member at shroomery and there's a few people there who suffer the same and grow their own medicine. There's been some research done with bromo-lsd (think that's the name). I don't know anything about chemistry but I guess there's a molecule attached to the lsd that doesn't allow it to connect to the receptors that would actually make you trip. It seems to have some promise. Funding for it probably hard to get. Chems like these seem taboo for research.

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