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All involved in this thread, I feel like a revival is necessary. I'm an avid ecigarette enthusiast, and I feel like I could be of some help.

There are a type of e-cigarette atomizers for advanced users called rebuildable atomizers. Instead of coming with pre-built coils, you build ones for yourself at the resistance you desire. A lot of the hobby of vaping is seeing who can produce the most vapor

As you can see in this youtube video, the amount of vapor one can get into their lungs is massive compared to most entry-level personal vaporizers:

To get to these levels of vapor, the resistance of the atomizer is reduced to below one Ohm. This heats the coil quite hot to produce these vapors. This is done through mechanical battery mods. These have no solder, which would melt under extreme lack of resistance. The batteries inside these mods also have regulator PCBs on them to prevent unsafe surges and damage. Li-ion is dangerous, ya know Smile

This could be a solution to the dosing dilema, allowing for more infused juice to be taken in and absorbed, but also brings up issues of overdose as well. I've had my fair share of nicotine overdose before I reduced my juice's concentration to 0 mg/ml

Dripping atomizers are the most common rebuildable atomizer, though there are tanks as well. For our purposes, I feel like drippers (colloquial) are the best way to go since the wicks are allowed to dry out. Nothing gets wasted, and the e-juice can be stored for later use (though I don't completely recall how fast freebased DMT degrades in solution. would refrigeration help?).

My recommended setup is as follows: Nemesis battery mod clone, Igo-W rebuildable atomizer, and the LG 18650HE2 35 amp battery. If you want to know how to build a few coils, there are great tutorials all over. Here's a calculator for wrapping coils:

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Using such high temperatures will destroy the DMT. I've experimented a lot with the e-cig route and it is pretty convenient for low doses but stronger ones are still out of reach. I can't come up with a solution that isn't too harsh for me. I went over my explorations somewhere in this thread:
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There are techniques that can cool the vapor while leaving dense clouds. Riptrippers has a coil tutorial: the abyss coil. It uses stainless steel mesh wrapped around the element to facilitate quicker wicking and less contact with the coil for a cooler vapor. Here's the link:

I feel like this would be the way to go. I'd have to do some experimentation, but I think it's entirely possible. I could ask on various e-cig forums
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Id like to ask anyone interested in being involved in this to post in the ecig thread in the welcome area for now. That way new users will be able to participate and we wont be dividing the work across multiple threads. Thanks!
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