On the Legal Status of DMT Source Plants in the US (with a discussion of the religious use defense) Options
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Overall, this thread seems rather resolved concerning the issue of natural products containing DMT. I'd just like to chime in with another example, with a drug that has been much more common over the past half-century, to illustrate the point further. This is a point that I made to an acquaintance who started one of the earlier, US based businesses selling bulk MHRB and which caused him to discontinue sales as well.

Psilocin and Psilocybin are both schedule one drugs federally, though the numerous naturally occurring mushrooms which contain and produce these scheduled substances are not federally scheduled (there are a few states which have specifically scheduled particular species of fungi (and even the non-psychoactive spores) which produce these alkaloids. However, a cursory lexis-nexus search through your regional research library will turn up scores of federal appellate cases which have upheld the draconian federal, criminal penalties imposed upon individuals convicted of manufacturing and distributing such natural fungal bodies as "containers" of the scheduled compounds naturally produced within.

Realistically, prosecution (particularly federal) isn't too likely with small amounts. Some folks think small is pounds/kilos however, and that's not small and may not be viewed as personal (even if personal vs. selling/vending isn't even required for a "possession with intent to manufacture/distribute"Pleased. However, if you're someone who's inconvenient for some reason, a target for some reason ... it could, constitutionally even, happen.

Be careful out there and don't get involved in something you can't own up to and accept if the shit hits the fan. One of the things I really admire about the Nexus is that it is very anti-commercial and seems to advocate against any commercial "use" of DMT. People should be aware, particularly with sales/manufacture for sale, that this creates a very real and very substantial risk of imprisonment that is not at all justified by any conceivable profit margin. There's no "spiritual" justification for it either, if a person really wants/needs aya enough, they'll make a tea of dessert seeds and lawn grass and get there just fine ... or travel to some South American country where it's legal and pay a lot for it.

Live plants. Sustainable, ethically sourced, native American owned.
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