Quantum Theory and DMT Options
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I was watching a youtube video about an idea I had while I was meditating and I found it very interesting. It is about how reality may be like a light traveling through a gem stone. Our life, if photographed as a whole, would resemble several fractal like patterns. I imagined that all things are flowing through a substance formed by geometric fractal patterns. Time is simply movement of mass through this substance. Like light passing through a crystal slowed to a visible path, the path resembles many organic patterns on the nano scale. As mass moves through this substance it causes time to inevitably pass.

Here is a link to this idea:

This is a playlist covering some of these ideas. I wanted to pose the same question I gave on one of the videos to the DMT NEXUS forum.

Here is the comment I posted:

Do you have an opinion of psychoactive chemicals and how they interact with your theory? There seems to be many accounts of seeing incredible geometric patterns throughout reality, while these chemicals are in ones nervous system. Can you expound upon that phenomenon?

I am wondering if reality is made up of some kind of mass that interacts with light. We are beings of light traveling along a crystal-like fractal of a mass similar to water for a fish. We cannot subconsciously comprehend what we cannot sense, and therefore, we cannot physically conceive it in our reality. Psychoactive chemicals such as DMT, a naturally occurring brain chemical, can significantly warp your reality. There might be a common denominator within these two experiences. I think your theory could explain this quite nicely. Decisions and free-will is mostly based on a nano scale interaction we subconsciously play with reality. Our perceptions lead to reality not by simply wishing something to be true and waiting, but they do become reality by each individual thought and action we make. Like a salmon swimming upstream, we are forced to deal with time's inevitability. Much of our interaction with reality is then at a subconscious level, because consciousness cannot handle all the calculations our brain does in order to maintain consciousness. Which causes our reality to become a fractal of reality, with no reality being any different fundamentally than any other. Again, this calls for a common denominator.
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When you think about how a crystal is made, and why it creates the shapes it creates, you must also consider why anything takes its shape. Things take their shape through a constant pattern of cycles which interact with their features to develop pattern. A crystal gets its shape from a relatively slow process of condensing through pressure or erosion. It eventually becomes a fractal of itself. It is interesting to compare a crystals fractal pattern with the fractal our mind creates through our features (senses, culture, etc.) as a projection of reality called consciousness. While it is rare for a gem to be a perfect projection of itself, however there is variety in gem 'quality'. Likewise, a person can conceive reality only as well as ones features allows, therefore there is variety in the perceptions of minds. The idea of enlightenment then becomes being able to have a perfect projection of reality and becoming in sync with the pattern on another level of consciousness. 


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Good post! I think about this quite a bit.... especially about the concept of quantum particles disappearing in and out of existence on this plane. I feel like DMT allows your consciousness to do just this. I've had a few experiences where I literally felt and same myself going through wormholes pulling at an ungodly speed. Its possible that DMT could be used very effectively to study where these particles disappear to. Is hyperspace literally another universe? A mental projection? A different realm that's always around us? I honestly don't know what to believe but the possibilities are endless.
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There seem to be recurring themes that run through different spiritual practices, psychedelic experiences and sciences such as quantum mechanics cosmology astrophysics and the like.
The unifying conciousness of everything , the singularity, DNA!! organic chemistry, plant intelligence, holographic theory , sacred geometry , fractals in nature, spooky action at a distance, 5th dimensional space and the collapsing of probability waveforms into our perceived arrow of time, entropy , god , love, higher dimensional beings, dark matter, spirits, the spirit world dark energy schrodingers cat heisenberg uncertainty principle, information theory etc..
Now I know this is all merely speculation and beliefs can be easily projected onto anything to suit the observer to aquire meaning but my personal opinion regarding the most powerful substances such as salvia and dmt for example is we are granted a priveledged sneaky peek into the 'truth' so to speak. Who hasnt seen a version of the amplituhedron during dmt experiences. Or felt seemingly impossible laws of physics under the influence of salvia.

The simplest Feynman diagrams look like trees: The particles involved in a collision come together like roots, and the particles that result shoot out like branches.

Thats the beauty of being human isnt it? We can try to join the dots, and have fun doing so! The ability to question and probe our existence could be our greatest feature and arguably our greatest gift from the soup of matter energy and who knows what known as the multi/universe.
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I read this theroy that the human brain might process at quatum level, it seems like there is some evidence starting to point that way:

I've began to wonder recently if our consciousness might be sync'd up in some sort of cosmic "cloud" storage and that we might be sending a receiving these through quatum entanglement.

I would love it if they discoveed DMT was just that connection fully opening up.

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I'll just leave this here for you all to ponder...

gibran2 wrote:
EmptyHand wrote:
As an operating principle, if you are reading a work of philosophy, religion, or psychology and someone mentions quantum mechanics you should immediately become suspicious of the quality of the thinking. Quantum mechanics is our most accurate and precise physical theory but is horribly, horribly overused to draw conclusions about "fundamental reality".


Good point.

I can’t remember the name of the logical fallacy involved, but it’s something like “appeal to complexity”. It involves “explaining” one unknown with another unknown, resulting in not really explaining anything at all.

Consciousness is not well understood. The relationship between psychedelic states and consciousness is not well understood. Quantum mechanics, although capable of very accurate predictions, is not well understood. So what do we gain by explaining one unknown in terms of another?

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Nice idea, but

... why does our life has to be of a fractal geometric pattern?
I would understand it, if you said something like this about our mind/brain activity, because our brain is a system where certain areas give themselves and other areas feedback. So in fact our consciousness would have somekind of fractal structure involving in time.
Perhaps I misunderstood and you meant fraction. I'm not sure, it could also be correct, if I read your second last paragraph. One could interpret it as we perceive just a fraction of "the higher reality" building our own reality. Perhaps just meant fractal and referred to ever occuring patterns in the universe due to underlying principles then possibly some fractal dependency may be "extracted", perhaps everything is a fractal. But that's just plain speculation due to the fact we haven't (and probably never can) find out the structure of the infinitely small and the infinitely big.

... if time passes by, by that "mass/light" travelling through the "crystal", you could also quantify time by its travelling speed, depending on the functional connectedness between our time and the crystal time.

... why do you call a crystal a fractal? I guess you are referring to Neumann's/Curie's Principle. If that's true, then a crystal is just an iteration of a fractal. (n=2)

The question is what does this theory describe? Does it explain any unsolved phenomena? To me it sounds like you want to explain the DMT experience by expanding our understanding of reality by adding this theory. Good, that's an interesting approach to DMT. So, then the question is: Is it suitable? If it doesn't fit, then the theory just describes more than it has to, which would lead us to Ockham's Razor...
In order to find out if this theory fits one comes to a last question: What would be a suitable experiment to test my hypothesis? My experience as scientist tells me the best approach is to try to disprove your hypothesis, if it passes all your tests, it has to be quite a "strong theory".

@SnozzleBerry: Thank you! I was going to write something similar. You saved me some time. Smile
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Great post! I have something like this idea posted on a science forum you might find interesting.
It is called I am what? It is in the philosophy section, I didn't want to scare them to muchBig grin

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