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#1 Posted : 5/1/2009 7:14:09 PM
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I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some tips for using the vapor genie. I bought one but can't seem to get the desired effects when using it with dmt. At first I broke it in with a few bowls of ganja and it vaped that fine. I read it's best to add multiple screens to the vapor genie to prevent the dmt from dripping through. I added 6 fine mesh stainless screens on top of the original one and then put the spice on a small bit of ganja to further prevent dripping. I have tried it like that 3 times with the vapor genie (35mg each time) and haven't gotten more than threshold effects. Yesterday after getting basically no effects I decided to take all the screens out to see where my dmt is going, the bottom 3 screens were coated in dmt oil. I cleaned the screens off but now I'm not sure what to do, I was thinking about trying it with steel wool or something. Can anyone help me out with any tips or anything for smoking dmt with a vapor genie? When I sandwich it in a regular pipe with herb it blows me away so I know it's not a potency issue. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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#2 Posted : 5/1/2009 7:33:20 PM
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I use it with screens and it has worked fine. Are you holding in the vapour for long enough. You should try heating the VG breath in steadily for almost as long as you can, take the flame away & continue breathing in then hold for 20 seconds or so. That's worked well for me about 3 times - all I've used it as I ran short on spice. Jorkest advised that method originally so just search his username & vaporgenie for more info & specifics.
#3 Posted : 5/1/2009 7:41:02 PM
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I'm pretty sure I'm holding it in long enough, it's just the spice is melting into the lower screens and not burning.
#4 Posted : 5/1/2009 9:49:58 PM

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I don't have a vaporgenie ($$$!) but it sounds like you're too gentle with the flame. You want to vaporize all of it, not let it drip through! The DMT is protected, don't worry about burning it.

You cleaned the 'dmt oil' - I hope you didn't throw it away! Even if it's partly oxidized it's still effective.

You could try a dense dot of fine clean copper wire instead of steel or multiple screens.

I noticed that one of the reasons Machine-like devices work well is because they are used upside down. If any DMT drips down it drips towards the heat and will vaporize anyway, rather than being sucked into the device.
#5 Posted : 5/1/2009 9:57:26 PM

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SWIM has heard using liquid pads from the volcano vaporizer works well for vaporizing dmt in the vaporgenie. The pads can be bought separately for quite cheap, and are very good quality. But one has to cut them up a little to fit in, I think. SWIM has yet to try his vaporgenie, but with dmt he will use this volcano pad for sure, and will report back
#6 Posted : 5/2/2009 2:56:34 AM

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Have you tried it in the Volcano?
#7 Posted : 5/2/2009 3:31:30 AM
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Thanks for the input everyone. I think my problem is that I have the air flowing to fast, My next attempt I'm going to try and hit it real slow. I'm just not sure though, the ganja bed that was left after the failed attempt was quite charred. The liquid pad for the volcano sounds pretty cool, I might have to check those out at the local smoke shop.
#8 Posted : 5/2/2009 5:48:11 AM

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SWIM told me he uses a VG and puts the spice on top of a bed of shredded caapi vine. The spice then melts into the caapi and not through the screens. seems to work just fine...
#9 Posted : 5/2/2009 4:59:08 PM
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Don't use steel wool. It can foul up the pipe with steel fragments and probably creates nasty fumes.

I use 1-2 screens with a relatively thick herbal bed of dried parsley, crushed to give small flakes with larger surface area. So far the molten dmt has been fully absorbed into the parsley before being vaporized.
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