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Schwann Cybershama
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I'm sorry I haven't posted this before, but although I'd known it was there, it's taken lots of motivation to find it amongst the hours of footage still to be published. I would like to add that I was with Terence during his trip, and that I published this fact in my book, 'Journey to Everywhere', in December 2012.

The intro by Dennis and my trip with Terence can be read for free here;



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Why was it his last trip is what i would like to know. I read The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss and i didn't seem to find a definitive answer as to why he stopped, and i've only ever come across vague notions like "it showed it something he didn't want to know." i mean, reading through the reports from the aforementioned Dennis McKenna book as well as True Hallucinations, it's hard to believe anything could have shocked this man.
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He had a really bad trip on mushrooms around 1988 and then took it easy with psychedelics in the following years. He would dose but i hear it was always low and infrequently, apart from some daily low-level lsd at times (and copious amounts of cannabis everyday, of course)

In the book the brotherhood of the screaming abyss dennis talks about how after finding the tumor in his brain they did take psilocybin together, but it was only a lower end dose then as well.

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When I had read the passage in Dennis McKenna's book I must admit I was surprised to hear this as well. You wouldn't expect this from someone who revered the mushroom in such a way that he did.

In the book it also states that Terence wasn't really willing to have a mushroom journey after he had found out about his disease. Dennis had to persuade him in trying it.

Nonetheless i think Terence was a great mind and I am grateful for his contribution to our world in the form of books and talks.

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Schwann Cybershama
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Schwann Cybershaman

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inaniel wrote:
Why was it his last trip is what i would like to know.

sorry, the satire got away from point was only that Terence's 'last trip' wasn't in '88. I know this from personal experience with T.

Read all about it in the link above... Journey to Everywhere - free

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