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I have to post this because it could help a brother nexian out that is losing his hair. I noticed I was losing my hair about a year ago and it really bothered me, I know its just hair but there was no question it was effecting me.

One particular night I'm in a deep dmt smoking session and I saw my hair loss problem as some kind of life test I had to overcome. I had semi long hair at the time and it had gotten to the point that I needed to shave my head, so I did.

I hated it at first but I kinda got used to it and managed to shift my perception of losing hair from something that shouldn't be happening to something that should be happening after listening to a little motivational material from Anthony Robbins. I was pretty much over it, I accepted my fate of being bald and didn't see it as that bad of a thing.

Fast forward a month and I'm into another dmt session, during that session I realized that having hair or anything else for that matter is my birthright if I would just claim it. I did claim it, I demanded my hair back and was instantly downloaded with the reason I was going bald. Lack of blood circulation in the scalp.

I started to massage my head all the time with a bit of coconut oil. I then went online to a hair loss forum and saw a thread about poor blood circulation being the cause of hairloss. The thread I found was about' the maliniak method' witch basically addresses the details of why some men go bald and others do not due to a tight scalp and poor blood circulation, his specific massage regimen and a device he uses called a violet ray based on tesla technology.

This 65 year old bald guy grew his hair back with these techniques after being bald for many years and seeing these results combined with my own dmt download I knew it would work. I've been doing these massages for a few months now and using the violet ray device and I am growing my hair back.

I hope this helps someone.
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awesome man! Coconut oil rocks! Got one bottle in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.
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Wow that's something else! I'll have to inform my brother. Propecia is screwing his memory and libido up.
I like how you said you "downloaded" the information from the dmt. I can 100% relate to that.

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I have resonated with the idea that much of the hair loss epidemic is actually due to over indulgence of sexual activities. This over indulgence I feel is the key to fast aging, energy loss, hair loss, vision loss, and other sensory loss. Interesting idea to the poor circulation in the scalp area. I do notice that when I was eating fish/meat my hair and fingernails grew much faster than my current vegetarian diet.
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im very glad you made such a personally profound discovery, someone will surely benefit from your experience
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Awesome!! So pumped youre growing it back mate! You always hear of the native's explaining how they 'learned it from the plants' and this is just another example that same ol symbiosis.

I recently have felt the power of the violet ray device as well, rubbed it on my damaged shoulder and felt some distinct electric energy coming off of it, as opposed to other healthier areas of my body that I rubbed it on. Interesting little device, maybe Ill cough up the 100 bucks and grab one soon. Theyre supposedly really great at helping people with arthritis problems as well, probably something to do with the energy helping the blood circulation.

Thanks for the share!
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I highly recommend the hair lazer. It stimulates the scalp and breaks down DHT in the scalp. Im 43 and my hair had gotten very thin. I bought the hair lazer and used it for 20 - 30 minutes, every other day (as directed) for about 3 months and was amazed.
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I hope it's true. I'm gonna tell my dad, and see for myself lol. Now I have an excuse for making people give me a head massage lol - My hair depends on it Pleased Rolling eyes
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That's amazing. I'm 21 and already starting to bald maybe poor circulation is my problem. Glad to see there are still ways to reclaim your manly main.
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No baldness here, but going whit pretty young gets to me (28, sides are going white, same on top slowly slowly but yes, surely), but the spice has eased that a bit.
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Right on rayoflight!

I started losing my hair at age 14 and it's been very difficult but I never lost faith that I could grow it back.

Which Violet ray device are you using?
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Thanks, rayoflight. That's rather interesting, being given this information from dmt. My hair started to thin a year ago when I was working two jobs during/after my wife's first pregnancy. I had mars volta esque hair and like you, shaved it. Im definitely going to look into this method, thanks!
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Yeah, it's only hair, but damn am I glad I've got a thick, full head of it! I always find it a bit sad when I see a twenty year old kid bald as a baby with just that Caesar half-crown of hair (think David Cross) .

And have you ever noticed that a lot of bald dudes have disgustingly hairy bodies? You know, a Robin Williams type thick carpet of coarse black wool-like hair covering every square inch of the body EXCEPT the head? What a cruel joke. The gods sure do have a great, if a bit twisted, sense of humor.
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Jaguars_Gratitude wrote:
I have resonated with the idea that much of the hair loss epidemic is actually due to over indulgence of sexual activities.

Meh. I don't know about that one. How many bald porn dudes have you ever seen?

Just sayin' . . .
You are Lazarus in the Tomb, and we are always knocking for you to come out. Soon, the tomb will be torn down around you, and you must come out. What will you do then?
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Hi RAYoflight,

My name is LEON MALINIAK. I was shown your comment about the MALINIAK METHOD by one of your members who is also on many other forums and I hope nobody minds my posting here because I actually give away copies of my e- books for FREE to members of these discussion forums, to people who ask for it directly, to eliminate any questions about a financial motive for posting on these forums themselves. I consider it my "testing" ground, and most of the confirmation of the validity and effectiveness of the MALINIAK METHOD comes from members of these forums. My attitude is that these reports of success with my MALINIAK METHOD will eventually help convince the millions of other people who do not participate in these forums to give it a try...and where admittedly, there is a financial motive.

Glad to see you are getting results with my MALINIAK METHOD but you would get even better results if you used the correct violet ray device. There are literally hundreds of different types on the market and most of them are not powerful enough to get the best results, even though some lesser models might show some results. I have tested many different devices from different manufacturers all around the world who wanted depserately to be my supplier but they were ineffective compared to the one I use with my system. It is the only one which replicates the original science of NIKOLA TESLA who invented this device. But the "key" to my system is still the MASSAGE technique and even the best, most expensive machine will do nothing if the blood circulation is not first properly restored to the follicles.

Anyone interested in getting the whole story and science behind this and to see all the people getting results with this system, which uses NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY to stop hair loss and grow new hair are invited to go to the website at;


I am also glad to see that the administrators of this forum do not allow hostile or confrontational language because some of the hair forums have malicious people who attack people who are just trying to get a message out to help people and they engage in personal and defamatory comments which have nothing to do with the sincere and academic exchange of information or the merits and substance of a discussion. It is refreshing to see a forum with strict rules about that kind of behavior.

Anyone who has questions can write to me directly at Mod Edit: Please do not give out personal emails...PM is available
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Hey man,

I am very insecure about my hair loss. I am 21 and willing to buy if it actually works. I'm sick of the hair loss community using our insecurities to sell these snake oils. Can you give to me straight man if this method works or if you have any updates on your journey?
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