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The Traveler
#1 Posted : 1/25/2013 2:33:25 PM

"No, seriously"

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Hi all members,

With the influx of many threads about Nootropics and RC's it has been decided to create two new subfora for these substances, though with certain extra responsibilities and limits!

Let me start with quoting what I posted as a sticky in each of these two new subfora:

The Traveler wrote:
These are special subfora for Nootropics and Novel Psychoactive Substances (otherwise known as RC's).

Posting a new thread in this topic comes with special responsibilities and rules that are meant for harm reduction and informational purposes, they are MANDATORY!


When making a new thread in this subforum you have to state the substance where the thread is mainly about. Choosing a substance is MANDATORY.


First check if you can find your substance in the list, if it does not you can choose 'Other'. When you choose 'Other' YOU have to enter several things for this substance:

  • Substance name: This will be the name of the substance, please use the generic name for this. For example, MXE is used more generic than Methoxetamine so use MXE.

  • Link to DMT-Nexus wiki: This will be the hyperlink to the DMT-Nexus wiki page about this substance.

    If this substance does not exist yet on our wiki or when it does not have a Safety profile then YOU have to create this first!


Furthermore these two new subfora are only visible for full members and not for new members and guests. This is done to prevent the attraction of people who solely want to talk about RC's, this is unwanted since this site is about DMT and to a lesser extend other enthegoens.

These two subfora are mainly here for harm reduction. This means that all thread posted about these topics by new members will be removed!


This is also an experiment to see if we as a community are able to handle these topics in a responsible way. If it turns out it will not generate the quality of posts that I like to see they will be removed again.


Here is an example thread that I made about MXE, so that you can all see how the safety profile looks like (again, not visible to new members):
MXE example

All current topics about the subjects will be moved to the new appropriate subfora.

Kind regards,

The Traveler

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Infinite I
#2 Posted : 1/25/2013 2:58:45 PM


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Thats great traveller thanks. RC threads get buried and I understand peoples reservations towards them but I always loved getting people from heres opinions on things compared to other places, though sometimes those threads would get ruined with ridiculous trip reports. Hopefully that doesnt happen and it turns out well like we would all like Thumbs up
The Traveler
#3 Posted : 10/6/2013 4:46:16 PM

"No, seriously"

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Kind regards,

The Traveler
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