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I was a member of DMT world Smile There I found the first tek but didn't extract because it looked very complicated.
My first extraction was made using Nomans tek that I found here on the Nexus Smile

The Traveler wrote:
...What also changed was that he decided to create his own, new, website and that I could keep the DMT-Nexus domain.

Hey Trav, what was Blackclo's new website? Is it still up and running? Can you post the url?

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This is old but Interesting...

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Such a lovely heartwarming thread... ♥

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I actually found this community when I was looking to clarify an outdated A/B tek I had managed to get my hands on. Not only did it clarify the tek, it made me realise just how obsolete the tek was.

I was captivated by the ethos of the community as I lurked the forums. I eventually signed up and became a member of this incredible family. I have changed and learnt a lot in the years I have been here. I disappear from time to time for a couple of months or so, during times of integration, though the Nexus is never far from my heart.

The community has changed a lot since I've joined, though the underlying ethos remains the same. This is thanks to both The Traveler and the community as a whole, and all the important members that reside here. I love this place today just as much as the day I found it, maybe even more so. In the words of soulfood, this place made me the man I am today.


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