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Hey folks, havent posted in a good while, but definately wanted to share some visual treats with you all. I just returned from Burning Man 2012, and lets just say that one of the highlights for this years event was the Fractal Nation exhibit! In there were some masterpieces created by artists such as Alex Grey, and the equally amazing Luke Brown. Below i have posted some of my favorite ones, now try to keep in mind that the majority of these original pieces of art were on canvas thats right canvas and not computer generated prints just amazing check them out......


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absolutely unbelievable.

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outrageous !

the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th images are my favorites.

thanks so much for sharing ! Thumbs up
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amazing, thanks for sharing!

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Very impressive, thank you for sharing, digitalsam.
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Alex and Allyson's new one was my favorite. Smile
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Damn......dasnicee Big grinShocked Thumbs up Love
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thanks! epicness!
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o man! i have chills, i love the butterfly dragon and the spirit rising (white silhouette)
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Yeah,those dragon images are shockingly great.

All of its amazing. I recognize some of the artists but would love to know all of their names. The butterfly dragon-is that Luke?

The tall piece with the girl cradling the cubist candle... The ascending faces... I find that one to be incredibly effective at conveying that sense of rising expansion...

The artist going up against all the world's darkness... That might be Mark Henson... Really love the message and the way it's conveyed.

Thank you for sharing!
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Beautiful! I wish I had these hanging in my room.Pleased
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Some nice work there, anyone know who made the tall pink one with the symmetrical figure up the center ?
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such beautiful artwork, ty for sharing. really inspired!
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