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Lime also works fine for cactus extract. Mix dried, powdered cactus 1:1 with lime (CaOH). Add water to make a doughy paste. Leave overnight. Add more lime in the morning with enough water to maintain consistency. Mash up dough with limonene, separate limo using, e.g., coffee press (no plastic!!) Back-extract limo using acidified water. Evaporate water to obtain goodies. This whole process has been described elsewhere on here by 69ron.

I see no reason why this should not work with powdered MHRB.

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downwardsfromzero wrote:
If you were to throw snail shells into your (lit!) wood burner, it should make your potash turn out stronger...

or egg shells, or crushed sea shells ?
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Ive read about making KOH in the past like this from natural sources. Totally gonna do it some day for the heck of it, sounds fun. Plus what if you get stranded in the woods and need some good chemicals to extract so local flora lolz.
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