Growing Up - A Profound Iboga Root Bark Experience Options
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Awesome TR Panda! Iboga scares the crap out of me for some reason, mainly the duration I think. I will try it before I die. It is interesting about the clarity of memory recall etc,as I have quite a poor memory, and alzheimers runs in the family. I wonder if Ibogaine would have any applications in that respect? It certainly sounds like an amazing medicine.
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Wow thank you for the moving read Pandora. With such detail in description I cannot imagine what the experience actually entailed. I am happy you got a vision, a lesson, a purpose and to see how special life really is beyond everything. Ibogaine seems like a heavy teacher, I would need to build up a lot of courage to undergo that life changing experience. Would you describe Ibogaine being in a class of its own or can you draw any comparisons to DMT or ayahuasca, and what is the fear factor in comparison as well as for someone with little psychedelic experience?
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It was definately in a class of it's own. Seemed to embody a unique space that had the playfulness of DMT, the seriousness of some of my salvia visions and the "control" that some dissociatives have offered me.

During the trip itself I was slightly concerned when I felt overheated, but other than that there was no fear. I was able to look at material without being slammed by emotional impact. It was incredibly helpful.

I would certainly encourage anyone considering a deep ibogaine vision to get a full medical check, with special focus on heart health.

It still feels like a once in a lifetime trip for me so no worries, though I suspect if I did it again at a larger dose my body temperature and heart beat may not be right. I have absolutely no rational explanation for these feelings other than current temp issues accompanying midlife. I feel as if iboga spoke to me and told me that the vision/trip I was gifted was was so big that I needed to spend the next three to four decades fully integrating. That if I were to go there again, I would be punished. Completely irrational, yet a persistant feeling.
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Amazing! Its not for me yet I feel, but for the future I hope Smile Need to get some experience with DMT and aya first before taking such a deep dive. Love how it improved your memory, i got the worst. Can not remember what Ive done these past 6 months, nothing specific. More like: one day I did that, then what?

All the thanks to you for sharing you experience with us all Smile
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I just now came across this Ibogaspace trip report and found it profound and illuminating. I was going through the Erowid vault and the eboka forums, and am very intrigued at how Iboga entity contact appears to be matter-of-fact, realistic, pragmatic, and clear in message and intent. Guides are usually human, a review of past experiences with an emphasis on shortcomings and selfish actions seems to always occur (the Ghost of Christmas past tour), and the extradimensional doctors with futuristic rooms & technologies seem to reoccur in these visions with suprising frequency. There seems to be a business-like purpose and clarity with this plant teacher not found elsewhere in shamanic traditions.

I was wondering what is the lowest dose a person can take to access the 3-d realistic visual space and guided life tour using Iboga without the incapacitation and multiple days of bedrest. From reading this thread 5 grams seems to access the space, and 10 grams gets into the uncomfortable areas. Can anyone here elaborate on a recreationalish dosage for soul searching and healing without the dangers of a full flood? Something akin to a 3 to 5 gram mushroom dose that is powerful but not devastating. I would be using powdered rootbark.

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It seems to me that you need to take a big dose to reach the psychedelic stage. And a big dose will necessarily result in physical side effects to a greater or lesser degree. Having said that, the definition of a 'big dose' probably varies quite a bit from person to person.

The most I've tried is 6g root bark (extracted with vinegar and ammonia) and I reached the periphery of the psychedelic stage, where I could tune into faint tryptamine like visuals - it felt like a dreamier version of the come up on ayahuasca. On the other hand, there are reports of people having full flood like experiences on similar doses.

My strategy has been to start small and work my way up in terms of dosage, making to sure to leave atleast a week long gap between each journey.
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