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Well, once again, on a SHE day, I blasted further than I could have imagined.

We were in the woods, after what seemed like forever walking through fields and climbing around, checking out mushrooms (millions of them! not a single one psychoactive Sad ). Finally arriving at our destination, down a small valley full of dead tree matter, we start building fire. Success, then I put on some tunes in my dock, we glug a little whiskey and have a bit of banter.

The hour approaches...

In our bag of treats there is the molecule. I measure out an unknown dose (kind of a big one, don't do this, I'm silly) and sit back against the 'nerve tree' (tree almost designed to my form, looking up it looks exactly like brain cells and nerves). I remember inhaling vapor, I remember only slightly feeling it. I remember getting more enthusiastic with my flame, and tasteless vapors filling me. Then I remember how the fire changed. Rain was dropping down and I didn't even care, the fire was becoming distant, faded, as pinpoints of a kaleidoscope projected from its center, across the soil, across the leaves.

Smoalk moar.

So I did. This is how I became not one object, but the environment around me. I was the ground, I was the trees, and most incredibly, I was the rain. I was every drop raining down. I was unaware of temperature, wet or dry, or any kind of solidity. I never thought such a thing was possible, I thought it would only annoy me. But it was beautiful.

Then the next level down to source. Breakthrough to a place completely absent from memory. The single point, aware of only itself (everything). When I came back, I was still very much under the influence, my friend was the only constant, an unchangeable facet of reality, nothing else made any sense. I think this grounded me somewhat. Then I looked back into the fire. It was melting. The wood was shriveling, dripping, twisting, white liquid embers melting and dripping in geometrical patterns. I rested my head on my arm and looked down between my legs to the ground, at the glare created by the flame. I closed my eyes again and I saw tiers of some sort of structure stacked upon one another, the whole thing wreathed in flame. Somehow, I fancied I was inside someone else for a while, and this person was near me, giving off a 'see, told ya!' sort of vibe, but without words.

I vaped some more later as well. I thought nothing was happening until it gripped me (NOW I have you!) and saw the nerves of the canopy all merged together, I thought maybe I could hear music, which my friend also reported. Neither of us had any music on, the dock battery was dead and my ipod was turned off. My friends earphones had fell out. Yet we both heard music. I came out laughing about how I was tricked into thinking it wasn't working. DMT has a sense of humor.

Oddest thing is I didn't meet any entities. Normally I always do. This experience was still worth it. I'll never forget becoming fire and water, earth and air, all at once. 'I was rain' is something I can now say with confidence. And that just rocks.

Thank you SHE, thank you ME (with or without ego), thank you TREES (nerves/neurons/veins), thank you DMT.

Thanks for reading Smile

EDIT* what's with this sideways image stuff lately ? Bleh.
EDIT 2 * I just found out the name of the song playing when I first vaped is called 'Sweet As Rain' by Pan Electric. Typical syncage right there Razz (Beautiful song btw).
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Smoalk. It. And. See.

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Sounds like an excellent experience!


I really do love those feelings of, I am..
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Wow what a beautiful and majestic experience Orion. I LOVE RAIN!!! can't wait till i become one with it as well!! such an awe-inspiring and moving report. thanks for sharing brother<3
Very happy
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Wow, Sounds like an awesome experience!! Funny how you said you didn't see any entities and that you usually do. I almost never see any entities. I always have amazing experiences and many times I feel other presences around me even communicating telepathically to me but Its VERY rare for me to actually see one. Sad I wonder whats up with that.

I like how you went out into nature to experience this with all the elements. Definitely the way to go!

Great report!

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We all enter different vistas of hyperspace Dreamwalker, I guess I had a lot to be shown, too bad I get shown so much I cannot process it. I blame art and the insanity I feel I'm supposed to reproduce. I have arty trips all the time, they seem pretty relevant, but that's just me. When they become relevant to you, they shall appear Smile

But I think this was all about nature, and resting with it as one, hence no defined objects or beings. It makes sense. Everything made sense. We are wind drifting, rain falling, life enshrouding the fire burning dead matter decaying light growing mind expanding roots penetrating absorbing feeding living STUFF. And stuff is all I can say 'it' is. Vocabulary is a pale tool of description for such an experience.

Well.... yknow how it is.. Pleased It's DMT.
Art Van D'lay wrote:
Smoalk. It. And. See.
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Glad you melded well, friend! I let my ego get in the way and was too afraid to go full on, silly me. I had a small dose in the morning (30-40mg eyeballed) that gripped me pretty good for the amount being so small. I aswell usually go full contact with perceived external beings and it wasn't so much this time as when I closed my eyes after an intense self reflection it was almost faces, if that makes sense, and the kaleidoscopic interweaving patterning that is so classic to DMT. Wishin' I woulda went further, it even invited me in an almost sultry tone to "dive right in-in-n-n-n-nnnnnnnnnn".
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Great report and awesome experience!

Yes! DMT has a sense of humor - a tricksterish one imo.

ime, if I or others I've met comfortably absorb an unusually huge dose fast, we breakthrough/blast right into realms that feel like they are BEYOND entities. Your description of dropping into the Source point/ALL pretty much describes it.

Peace & Love
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Great experience and report, thank you for sharing. I wish I could do that in this country but here you can NOT even make a fire. I really have to move out Smile
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sounds like you met lots of entities from an animist point of view! Awesome experience!
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Beautiful Smile I love merging with my surroundings on Spice. MOAR TR's are needed from you my friend with illustrations Pleased
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