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hey D'emty'heads !!

ive been an avid lurker here for a number of years, and just decided to become a member and post...the following is a report from my 4th high dose session on 11/6/2008. It was extraordinarily difficult in the first 3-4 minutes, but then morphed into once of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me to this day. its actually taken a few years to totally integrate, but im feeling ready for another one soon. I kid you not...not a day or even hour goes by that i dont think of this experience.

here goes:

1) 0 - 5 sec
first large inhalation

2) 6-10 sec
second large lung filling inhalation

3) 11-15 sec
breath turned into a white crystal like staircase leading into my mouth, simultaneously visual field became a 360 circle of around 25+ large jungle like rounded tribal shield structures that had dark outlines and a black circle in the middle of each shield. i said out loud "this is familiar".

4) 16-20 sec
seemed to spin my head to the right, and an absolute silence came over everything...the visual scape was made up of bold reds and greens, with energy lines, the scape seemed to be a vast palace with shifting "skin"...remember a clown like structure embedded from the ground up in the side corridor. I had the distinct feeling that i had been here before, and in fact had/have been there/here forever, and i looked over and a pasty bald jockular clown thing sort of nodded as if to say, "here we are eternally in this space again!"….it felt like my entire life had led up to this moment, that was in fact kind of seemed like i always return to this place.......and i was forever experiencing this forever place…..i remember saying out loud that this is the future of human consciousness….Soooooo

i started to think that i had been here forever, and i got nervous because i could not figure out how i got there ( nor recollection of smoking)...and now the scene had completely changed to an eternity of interlocking black symmetrical clover like "puzzle" pieces, that were all the same, and had green and red energy flowing between the pieces (slivers), but swirling colors in front of it kept folding in on me and i felt like i was continuously evaporating in a feedback loop of these patterns (white blueish patterns, and i could not figure out how i had gotten into this, and believed that i must have died somehow….possibly by taking too much of something and od'ing…but i had no idea how i had gotten there...and i kept trying to find a way out, but i was getting totally agitated and evaporated and off balance, and i felt like i needed to let my wife know that i had somehow died, but i kept trying to figure out what had happened, and things kept getting more and more chaotic in terms of the feedback motion, (the shapes stayed the same)…i kept staring at my hands saying "What happened!!??…it seemed like i was reaching a point of singularity, and i was fighting it hard...i then remember that i saw the colors shift from a more pastel, to more primary, and the shapes turned more into small perfect circles instead of the chaotic labyrinth, and i was focusing on in the center of my vision, which at that point was facing down and i was propelled through a circle directly below me.

6) 2 minutes-5minutes
Instantly, everything became real, not even in a cosmic way, like my actual real life, as real as it "usually" is, and i felt like i had quickly passed through a hospital room operating scene, like i had had a heart attack ….and then was was in my bed laying next to my wife, i could feel my consciousness go into my body and breath into it and i felt relieved that it was "over" and i was just dreaming and back home but then… it was like i had woken up and realized i was dying and had to let her know…. I had to tell her that something had happened; that infect i had died, i remember telling her it was alright, everything is fine, and things like that…i was floating above our bed.

7)i heard a voice that was different than my own, but seemed to have adopted the kind of "way" that i speak inflection, so it felt familiar, and i felt like it had been there for me in times like this before. it was kind of like "its cool....its good, its good, just relax over and over again really fast esp the "its good" part almost like an echo repeat. It felt like it was like myself, but a different didn't seem like it was actually me, but more like another person that was there to look out for me...and when i looked, i saw a short old, wrinkled, triangular being that had reddish eyes and a reddish aura…a lot like a red eyed yoda without the ears with a pale pinkish aura! it told me i was an ok person, and like every time before i would be accepted as soon as i chilled out......i instinctively knew it was like my higher self that knew how to deal with this situation, and was always a part of it, but it was also an alien! It was kind of like sucking my consciousness out of the chaos, out of my head with hundreds of helping hands that may have been the hands of more "Helpers"…and then i was standing up next to this thing on my left, as it was showing be stuff on an invisible wall to my right

Cool 6-7minutes
There was also like a feeling of getting shown/figuring something out, like i had caught the gist of it (the whole spectrum of life, the secret etc), and it was like totally blowing my mind every few seconds, and i kept saying outloud "no shit!" , and "thats crazy!, and "Damn!", and "thats sick dude," and "thats intense", had this really ironic mindlblowing quality to it and i remember staring at a thin band of light which seemed to be "one" of my lives (the one im in now) and there was a whole spectrum of other colors forming a rainbow circle. The thing that was weird was i remember acknowledging that i had "chosen" that life sometime before it started!

so i was balancing in this space, getting my mind completely blown in the most AMAZING way, and my conversation was getting distant…. then through this dialog, this voice said, "do you want to keep going?" and i answered, "maybe i will, or maybe i wont.."....or maybe i will....or.... and then it was just me talking to myself…i was coming back BUT...

9) 7-10min
I felt kind of like i was performing a balancing act of free will or something, but then i got caught, and started to feel nauseous, but it was combined with this feeling that the collective consciousness of the spirit world and all the spirits were wanting to force their way thru my stomach, and they were implying "the tribal and spirit world had just about had enough of the way things have become want to/have the ability to re-organize the entire planet." I inferred that they were referring to be the entire mechanized world (East AND West). and i felt like they were sending a message, like drawing a line in the sand…the magnitude of their announcement would be as if a HUGHE tribal shield had just magically appeared in the middle of times square on new years eve….that is how REAL the event would be to everyone. I felt this was because the ancient pact between something had been broken..and it was MY responsibility to reconnect or become the bridge that would bring these two forces back into balance and restore the connection (spirit technology and scientific technology)….it became very personal but was general at the same time. I was seemingly trying not to puke and hold this energy back, when it seemed like it receeded, and i said "its not time yet"...

then i seemed to come out of all this, and as i did, i said, "Im tired, i think ill go back to sleep now" or something like that...and just like that, i felt completely normal…felt the sun shining and a light breeze... i looked over at my buddy, and he had a kind of real concern, and said ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? and i said Why?! He said i had been screaming at the top of my lungs for the first 3 minutes…asking what had happened…then he said i did something he had never seen: i got up and got into a crouching position facing backwards on the rock we were on…then he said i starting talking to something and was saying things like "no shit!" ,and "thats crazy!, and "Damn!", and "thats sick dude,"…exactly what i was saying to that being…


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Welcome to nexus bro . I don't even know what to say .
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Awesome report dude, sounds epic and life changing... and as ever, a lil' scary Smile
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Thanks for sharing this heartfelt experience. It really is a declaration of Independence from the spirit world, ¡monkeys, get your act together! This is what matters

It felt like it was like myself, but a different didn't seem like it was actually me, but more like another person that was there to look out for me...and when i looked, i saw a short old, wrinkled, triangular being that had reddish eyes and a reddish aura…a lot like a red eyed yoda without the ears with a pale pinkish aura! it told me i was an ok person, and like every time before i would be accepted as soon as i chilled out....

He appeared to me also in a transition period from Place to Place (for lack of a better word) and was very red and very traingular. He was so chill that--listen to this--he had sun glasses and a hat on! A red triangle charicature of a person just chilling with some cool shades on.

Your experience is truly amazing. I see why you remember it every day Smile It brought back so much memories. You remember every detail.
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