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Hey everyone.
Just wanted to post some type of intro to this forum.
I have been registered here for a little while but as I have limited experience w/ the Spirit Molecule, I have little to add in the way of posts.
I have experienced DMT a few times although I have not broken through on it yet as I seem to be apprehensive of this substance in a way that I never have before w/ any of the other traditional psychedelics/hallucinogens. But I am still interested as my experiences weren't bad just different. And several good friends of mine have expressed interest and have had great results/insights after assaying it.
I look forward to sharpening my knowledge of extracting the spice and hopefully making some good friends along the way. Also, I see many people here that I know from other places and this seems to be the place to be if one truly wants to learn about Spice.
Have a good one all.

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