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#1 Posted : 6/26/2011 4:07:42 AM
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I recently smoked dmt with a small group of close friends, and as soon as I took the first toke I was hammered by what must have been a cluster headache. I have never experienced a cluster headache but this matched every description i've read. No one else in the group had any ill effects and the dmt was of the highest quality. I am in good overall health and 30 years old. Has anyone else experienced this? After this incident a few days later I experienced another cluster at the moment of orgasm... It's got me worried. Any comments would be appreciated.
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By cluster headache, do you mean an intense pressure accompanied by a ringing in your ears?

Personally, up until I was 18 and had my first mushroom trip, I used to experience a pressure in my head that was accompanied by a ringing in my ears somewhat frequently and without warning. It never caused any pain or trouble; but as a result of several ear infections and other injuries that I did not feel or offer "appropriate pain responses" to, I was tested and found that my threshold for pain is practically off the charts. Perhaps these were cluster headaches and I simply was not in pain from them. All I know is that, since taking mushrooms that first time, this phenomenon completely disappeared from my life and I forgot about it.

Fast forward to the first time I smoked DMT; I was shocked to encounter this same sensation, the rising pressure in my head, the ringing in my ears, which then gave way when I hit the barrier/chrysanthemum to the "main part" of the experience. The surprise diminished with time and although I have no clue as to why I used to experience this phenomenon, I do know to expect it when preparing for my DMT experiences, although it does not always occur.

Did you encounter severe acute pain? This is something I have not experienced from DMT (or my own physical symptom). Did you have a psychedelic experience or was it solely cluster headache symptoms? I know some cluster headache sufferers experience visuals, but how would you describe them? Can you elaborate on your experience in more detail? The description is a bit vague to comment on.
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#3 Posted : 6/26/2011 5:23:54 AM
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I experienced the most acute, absolutely blinding pain. I had a complete psychedelic experience, which made the pain more intense because it consumed my reality. It lasted well after the effects of the dmt were gone, but it was most severe during the dmt flash. I have smoked dmt many times over several years and have never felt this before. And now it hit me during sex, at the moment of orgasm! I dont like it one bit, its like it wants to take away my two favorite things. Its got me scared to trip or get laid...
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This thread scares me. I used to get cluster headaches and severe migraines all through my childhood and early adulthood. I use mushrooms, LSA, and Salvia to treat them, and now they've completely faded. I just recently started smoking changa, in rather small, sub-threshold doses. There's been something holding me back from taking a full breakthrough dose. This just lends itself to my cautionary state of mind Very happy

The small tokes of changa that I've done over the last little while haven't caused me any problems, and I am a sufferer of cluster headaches. They are much more than a pressure in your head, it's like a vice is squeezing at your temples, and there are ice picks on the end of the vice. The pain radiates through your temples, behind your eyes, it's literally blinding. And they come in waves, attacking, receding, attacking, receding. The migraines I experienced weren't as intense in pain, but lasted for days at times. I'm very thankful that I've found ways to treat them without pharmaceuticals, because the pills I did try didn't work, and gave me terrible side effects.

I guess I don't have much advice here Very happy But I do wish you the best. Try staying away from it for a while, or taking smaller doses, and see if it continues to effect you. I really would not want to experience a cluster headache at the point of orgasm, that would almost ruin the entire experience. Smaller doses of DMT or perhaps a good trip with some LSA seeds or mushrooms. They have worked wonders for me.
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I'm currently doing some research into cluster headaches and was wondering if Dioxippus ever had a full DMT breakthrough and suffered an attack during or afterwards?

And are there any other travelers who have experiences these symptoms or exactly the opposite: that DMT helps reduce cluster headaches? Due to the structural similarity to psilocin, sumotriptan and LSD I'm wondering if DMT shares this mode of action?
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yea, i read studies that suggested psilocybin and LSD/LSA are good for cluster headaches.. i guess that doesn't apply to DMT (i wonder what the cause could be..)
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This is worrisome! How old are you? Regardless, I think you should get checked by a doc immediately - in particular have the doc take a very close look at your blood pressure. Having blinding headaches during DMT flash AND during orgasm with sex makes me immediately think blood pressure.

I'm no doc and don't know what's happening to you but those two symptoms you mention scare me. Please get checked or at least get your blood pressure checked soon, okay?
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I get cluster headaches and treat it with LSD. But before I discovered that LSD prevents them for two months, I smoked DMT to alleviate the pain. DMT would interrupt the headache or end them. DMT is no where near as affective as LSD, because the headaches could come back after an hour after smoking the spice.
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#9 Posted : 12/1/2012 10:58:02 PM

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hmm did you take any meds or drugs the days before?

Remember some member talking about taking something before smoking or some unpure stuff and got some serious headaches. My memory is foggy though
#10 Posted : 12/2/2012 12:29:28 AM

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ive had similar results, but not exactly sure if it was only from dmt. i usually drink a bit of caffeine while i work, to make sure i dont fall asleep while on xanax for anxiety. i get bad migraines quite often, probably from not having caffeine on the weekends, since that's when they usually start. this one time i had a killer headache and smoked a bowl of bud, then some spice and it was completely gone as i came out of the trip.

another time i had a slight migraine starting(sensitive to light and sound)so i decided to try the method as before, but the opposite happened. i went to sleep shorty after the dmt trip, and woke up with THE worst headache ive ever had in my life. i can easily say it was the worst and have dealt with many migraines that will put me on the ground praying to the porcelain goddess(toilet) begging for mercy.

with this headache it was a bit different, seemed like as others have posted, head inside of a vice, major sinus pressure, i could barely open my eyes, and driving was nearly impossible. a few vicodin and tylenol did nothing. it kept coming in waves to where i would just freeze up and focus on dealing with the pain.
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VoidTraveler wrote:
I'm currently doing some research into cluster headaches and was wondering if Dioxippus ever had a full DMT breakthrough and suffered an attack during or afterwards?

And are there any other travelers who have experiences these symptoms or exactly the opposite: that DMT helps reduce cluster headaches? Due to the structural similarity to psilocin, sumotriptan and LSD I'm wondering if DMT shares this mode of action?

I've had many breakthroughs now at this point, and I didn't have this problem (luckily). I remembered this thread and was very worried about it the first time I went for a breakthrough dose. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to cause them, in me at least.

I still use LSA, Salvia, and mushrooms as a preventative measure. I haven't tried just using DMT or LSD to treat them. Mushrooms and LSA seem to work the best in my case.
#12 Posted : 12/2/2012 4:13:38 AM

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I believe it has to do with blood pressure and vasoconstriction. I've done some reading in the past about excercise inducing headaches, as well as headaches after masturbation which made me think of your headache after orgasm which I've also heard of. It is important to get checked out because if you are experiencing vasoconstriction it is possible to suffer a temporary ischemic stroke but could potentially have long lasting effects. I am not trying to diagnose you, but rather stress the importance of talking to a physician about it as others have already advised. Not that the spice itself would cause the stroke, but if your excitement was so high after blasting off which led to high blood pressure and vasoconstriction than it could lead to bad things. Good luck, and stay safe! Take care of yourself!
#13 Posted : 12/2/2012 10:58:22 AM

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I'm a sufferer of migraine headaches all my life, with a bouts of cluster headaches. The migraines are bad enough because of the duration and nausea but the cluster version is atrocious. Blinding pain drilling into one eye, one side of the head ( always asymetric with me) with visual aura and tinitus. And yes they do tend to spring up worse on physical excersion and sadly at the moment of orgasm. ( if sex were still possible.....)

DMT never did this to me, but paradoxicaly a recent shroom trip did! ( two day low level migraine)

If it's any help, I have a some things that will definetely set off a migraine with me.
GBL ( gamma butyl lactone) = mother of all cluster headache
Viagra ( authentic or bootleg)
Red wine, over 2 glasses( probably from histamine liberation, maybe sulphites)

As I don't want to take LSD or shrooms to treat this I use "Zomig Instant" ( zolmitriptan) melt on the tounge tabs.
They work for me with minimal to zero side effects.

Of course check with your Dr. before taking meds like this.
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