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My first salvia experience was with the really sticky and really purple kind. This extract was 40x very black and small flakes of the plant. i loaded my water bong (gatoraid bottle lol) and i flicked the lighter. I took 3 big hits not clearing the bong in between to start the next hit hard. I started to feel a slight body high and then it started pulling on me. I felt as if I couldnt let go of my body. I didnt want to. When I closed my eyes I remember being in a big factory (the visions were very hazy and hard to describe) I felt as though I was communicating with somthing I dont remember what it or who it was but it seemed important. The best way for me to describe how I didnt want to let go is when I was trippin I felt as though i was being pulled from reality into a diff one but i didnt know which one to choose so i kind of stayed in the middle. This and another salvia experience i had on salvia was the farthest i went. i never seemed to be able to go any farther than the "which reality is real where do i go what do i do" stage. (during this experience i was very uncomfterbul which could be part of the reason i couldnt let go and fall into the salvia world)

The other experience felt as if i was in a house or void or space or somthing and there were other people. I believed these people to be my siblings (this was not a breakthrough it was as though salvia was teasing me. Like having a partially see through blind fold on and taken to paradise and knowing your there but not being able to see it very well not being able to focus.) there was conflict and confusion on my part i didnt know wtf to do. (i was outside for this trip) these beings my siblings were trying to get me to follow them or go somewhere or do somthing but i couldnt it was very frusterating. I eventually came back down to normal but the entire trip was the same frusterating thing.

These two experiences were the most visuals i've had on salvia. All the others, probably like 13 times, i felt as though i was stupidly retarted for like 7 minutes. I had motorskills and i could move and communicate (barely communicate, my friend would talk to me asking what was going on but it was gibberish to me lol). Am i not smoking enough? Is it the type of salvia i'm using.

I would very much like to have a deep salvia breakthrough. i want to experience OEV's like i'vhad on yopo maybe i just need to smoke more. maybe i just need to get sum from a better vendor.

Btw are there website like dmt-nexus only for salvia. maybe a salvia-nexus lol.

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Hi Dark BB - I can relate!

I have only recently begun exploring with Salvia myself. Love your story! You might not have had a breakthrough, but you definitely were being *taught* something important by Ska Maria. Awesome. OEV's should be do-able. And more interesting all-around experiences.
Not by necessarily increasing the Salvorin dose.

I recommend reconsidering HOW you ingest it. The shamans make a quid out of leaves, and so far the people I know who have had the best results endorse quidding. (see the Hyperlink below) or other non-smoking consumption.

Those who know say smoking is simply not the best approach to this plant, and is only to be done under very special circumstances... I believe these people.
BUT have not quidded yet and have yet to experience a breakthrough myself. I am really comfortable with other entheogens, but this one just leaves me asking questions. Fortunately we are not alone, and as I said there is much basic research that is well documented.

So this is the state of my personal research, but first a pointer to where you can look for the real solid chemistry and all the basic facts: This is really a great resource, and I have only scratched the surface, kids.

There is a lot of good information on the internet about Salvia. More mis-information than good of course, just as with Spice.
The best news is that it's LEGAL in most places at least. We can't assume that it will remain that way forever though.AND iMHO it is important to be responsible about using Salvia so that it remains this way.

Being responsible in the use of legal(and otherwise!) psychotropic substances is vital if we value our cognitive and personal freedoms.
This aware and responsible custodial attitude should extend to include ALL the legal entheogens that are left to us.

I LOVE this Forum because everyone I have *met* here is having fun, and/or they are doing work on their ascension to higher consciousness but they also are GROWNUPS about life. (And the ones who mis-behave SHOULD get tossed out, thank you Traveler)

We need to protect the legal status of salvia and all of the psychotropics we can grow or create!

Having said that, Salvia of course is not a party drug, and I think a lot of people treat it that way. She'll lay you flat on your ass if you do, but from what I have heard the breakthrough has time to build, and give the brain time to integrate. Whatever the scientific reasons, I am determined to try ths idea out and will report back. (It could be a week or two)

The first time I tried Salvia I almost decided to never do it again. Well, I have a lot to learn and will go this roqad.
I encourage you not to give up since you got so *close.*

Amen I am done preaching. Now I will go peek into my leftover 10X to see about making tea...check the web site I gave you. Keep in touch? :-)


Salvia is easy to grow. And like with Ayahuasca, it is important to prepare mentally and have "intent" on entering into the whole experience.
My understanding is that the breakthrough is like no other. I have not had the chance; Salvia smoke has knocked me on my butt too many times I feel dizzy not enlightened, and I want to try quidding. I am not an expert, but I was where you are. Frustrated and *teased.* So i have been looking into it more deeply.

"If you rely only on your eyes, your other senses weaken."
- Frank Herbert, Dune
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Def sounds like you are just about there, maybe try smoking in the dark with just a candle and a sitter in complete silence or VERY mellow music, light tonal music is good. lay back with pillows and stay very still and go with it. I find with salvinorin that the more I just accept the trip and almost imagine it pulling me farther, it will actually do just that. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay still durring the experience, forget youre body and all outside stimuli, they are distractions. For me this is very similar to astral projection. If you still dont break through,(and you will def know when you do), then try taking an extra hit until you find that right dosage.
Ive been working with this plant(and growing her) for a few years now and it took me a while to "learn" this technology so dont be discouraged. Here is a report from erowid of my first breakthrough a few years ago...

First off I must give some back ground info into the situation. A friend T, whom I had used psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSA, salvia plain leafs and extracts, and of course our everyday ally, cannabis, and I had planned on smoking some salvia 10 times leaf in a park nearby. The sun was shining and the trees surrounding the area add a nice texture to the setting. Most of my previous salvinorin A trips had consisted of a rapid come up after exhaling into a strange seemingly extra-dimensional spacial area existing directly within the parameters of our ordinary day to day spacial arena. Objects side by side will begin to move, or rotate, at 90 degree angles to each other, making room for the extra dimensional objects that usually dont seem to inhabit the space.

Within this extra-spacial arena entities are usually perceived and occasionally communicated with via telepathic phenomenon. Both T and I have confirmed this in many of our previous salvinorin experiences, however we have no insight into it's mechanism. Another entity, much more pronounced, seemingly very wise in character and archaic in nature will make HERself present. She seems to encompass all, make take on may forms, I once smoked and slowly became a giant ferris wheel-like object, who then began to speak to me telepathically, and I knew it was her, and to me appears very nurturing and almost grandmother like in nature. I accept that she is who the mazatecs may refer to as ska pastora, or Lady salvia to others.

Now that I have givin some insight into my past experiences I will tell you that this one was very ordinary in comparison to my others in a sense, in that I only contacted one entity, which appeared to me humanoid in form, whereas other salvia entities are much more alien and extra-dimensional like. In another sense this one was much stranger in that I seemed to transcend even the extra physical dimensions that become apparent.

I packed about 1 full bowl of the salvia into the bong and took the hit. I believe that I took all the smoke in one hit and just held it. Now I must have konked right out unconscious because the next thing I remembered is was floating somewhere out into space, complete with galaxies and stars and clusters and the those pretty things that come along with it. Directly in front of me there’s this portal, like a wormhole, straight outta sliders or something, and there’s other worlds just whizzing by the entrance to this thing, and I get this feeling that I could just fly through into any one of these places and be transported there. But I don’t.

I look to my right, about three to 5 feet beside me and there’s this ancient looking wizard-like man just floating there, and I know that he there for me. I want to know how I can come back to this place to explore, and then he speaks to me in thought and tells me that its always been here right inside each of us. Each and every one of us contains the mechanism for spirit travel, we just don’t pay attention. Then for some reason I look behind myself about 10-15 feet behind me and I see this other doorway, like a rip in space shaped like the outline of my own body, and inside of this portal I can see my own reality, with T sitting a beside me holding the bong staring at me as if waiting for a response. This seemed to break some sort of trance that I had been in and I thought I could stick my head through the portal can call T to come on in and join me in this other place. As I stuck my head through I was instantaneously snapped back into my body, my full conciousness now with me but with the memory of the trip intact as well.

I have since the experience come across various websites depicting pictures of the appearance of the so called lemurians. The first time I saw one of these pictures I was shocked as it resembled this humanoid, at least in the cloths it wore and its long grey beard, greatly. However I make no assumptions as I have also described this being to other people as Gandalf like as well.

hope this helps...
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