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Often people ask in the forum or chat about how to estimate mimosa amount. I hope this thread helps


While this thread is supposed to help those that do not have a scale at the moment, it is highly recommended that you do buy one. In the long term a scale will generally be very necessary and useful.

Also, this will obviously only serve for powdered mimosa hostilis rootbark. Some other plant material might have different density, and non-powdered mimosa will occupy a larger volume.

We do not recommend estimating weight of pure alkaloids. Differences in crystal density can mean estimation can go very wrong, making the difference between a blissful calm experience and an unexpected completely immersive potentially negative experience (and dangerous depending on alkaloid and setting).

Estimating by volume:

As can be seen in pictures below
100g powdered mimosa = ± 185ml / 6.25oz
10g mimosa should be ± 18.5ml / 0,625oz but as you can see in the picture it gets more innacurate at those amounts due to width of container and uneven surface, so it becomes more like 19 or 20ml.

a 100ml container = ± 54.1g
a 250ml " = ± 135.25g
a 500ml " = ± 270.5g

You get the idea.

Estimating by spoonfulls

For those that dont have access to measuring spoons, as one can see in collage below, this greatly varies depending on size of spoon and the thickness of the spooned mimosa. The picture. may help giving an idea.

Big spoon: 13.52g, 8.76g
Medium spoon: 9.80g, 8.24g, 4.60g
Tea spoon: 4.67g, 3.35g, 2.71g.
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Awesome thread, endlessness. I wish this would've existed before I bought a scale! But, a scale is definitely better.
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Right on, Endlessness...This is great for extraction beginners! Some peeps disregard measurements, only to find the worst possible outcome indeed happens. Maybe sticky this?
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