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Hey , what do you guys use to store your finished extracts in for future exploration ?

Also is the general consensus about cleaning the end dmt extraction to snow white now considered unnecessary other then possible harshness on vaping ? My current batch has been cleaned once and it has a very soft yellow glow to it . Since further cleaning results in some loss of material I don't want to go any farther unless there is a noted difference of some kind other then color . What's the scoop ?

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also, with regard to loss of yield...who cares if you lose yield when your product is not pure as you are not losing the part of your product that you actually value. Why would you wants a gram of fluffy yellow orange crystals that only contain ~750mg of actual dmt? (this is hypothetical) Would it not be easier to dose and store and measure 750mg of clear white xtals that are almost certainly nearly 100% dmt?

Look, when you start off with 100g of rootbark, you don't say, well, I have 100grams of really impure extract because you are removing the unwanted is just a continuation of that process, so why not?
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