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Q21Q21's quick smoking tips Options
#1 Posted : 12/16/2010 8:32:04 AM


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Q21Q21's quick smoking tips

Caution: DMT is not a fun DRUG to smoke on a whim to "get fucked" it is powerfully psychedelic and should be respected.
If you have not already then STOP and read the FAQ and Health & Safety

(SWIM was stopping in for a visit and was glad his tech is seeing such views and tests and love. He's smoothing out the edges (spelling/grammer mistakes) and the smoking part he felt would better be in the form an optional link to a separate post in the smoking section. This is exactly the same thing that was on the bottom on Q21Q21's tek for months, nothing new)

Smoking devices:

SWIM figured that this extremely basic info on smoking devices and smoking technique would be invaluable to someone who performs his tek, since it is SO EASY one would be able to yield a large product without having read any other threads on the forum. Namely those about difficulties smoking DMT

Using a Vapor-Genie, a crack-pipe, "the machine", a machine-bubbler or just making a herb-sandwich with the jimjam DMT in the middle (with a regular bong/pipe) are all viable methods for smoking.
Depending on which herbs are used the effects can be drastically different and this is called "Changa" the link brings you to Changa's own sub-forum

Please don't use a light-bulb vaporizer, as much as it would seem that the closed-system prevents any and all loss, the DMT ends up burning and denaturing under the heat of the bulb.
SWIM has smoked 62mg in a bulb one time (and nearly a dozen other times with >30mg and similar results) and got the effects he would now compare to <8mg worth in "the machine".
He put 35mg from the SAME BATCH in his "machine" he made out of a glass vanilla bottle and he immediately had his first breakthrough, didn't even finish the DMT either!

"The Machine" info
That explains the basics of it. It can be made from many different things, test tube, light bulb, glass bottle.

The link below shows how incredibly simple it can be, SWIM's friends still use (and love) this device he gave to them after making his bubbler.

How to make a Mini-Machine

Although smoking from that can be harsh, you can make a machine-bubbler to cool the harsh smoke.
Also SWIM has sucessfully tested using peppermint, cherry and strawberry extracts mixed in the water to flavor the smoke!

SWIM made his own "machine bubbler" out of:

3/8" brass elbow joint
2 thin glass rods
6 inches of clear PVC tubing
a glass milk bottle
copper kitchen scrubber

When smoking not only does he enjoy the taste (alone or flavored), but bubbling the smoke through the water makes it so very smooth and cool when smoked properly.

The basics of the stem to hold the DMT is here, SWIM uses a 3/8" brass elbow joint to hold his copper because every 15-20 sessions the glass would shockingly crack or shatter on him.

amor_fati's Mini-Machine Bubbler Stem

You can Google how to make a bubbler, SWIM didn't have any idea how to make one and just made it up as he went, it was very simple and quite fun Very happy

Smoking the product

Note: this information is purely for informational purposes, smoking of DMT is illegal

-This is purely SWIM's opinion but if it is anyone's first time then it is useful to smoke a small amount like 5-12mg in order to feel out the initial effects and the duration.
SWIM's friend started panicking coming up on a 10mg dose but after relaxing for a minute and feeling the brevity of the effects (and the afterglow) she was more than happy to try a full dose and this time with no panicking.

Anyway. when smoking you can use a torch lighter, a zippo or a regular BIC lighter. Cheap lighter don't work very well.

With any method you don't want to over-heat the DMT and burn it but the copper is a very efficient heat-sink, so well that SWIM has found that the DMT doesn't get hot enough if he creates airflow before applying the flame.

The best way to get a big and cool hit SWIM has found is to put the flame directly on the copper and count "one-thousand two-thousand" then start "toking" and tons of smoke will start to come from the copper and into your lungs.

The smoke may be harsh and it has a unique taste too it. Try to hold each toke for 10 seconds and exhale. The initial effects will be felt by the time of the exhale and you can chose whether to take another toke.

The DMT made from his tek will vaporize cleanly and not produce any smoke after the bowl/copper is empty, however many tokes that takes. Using this technique is extremely efficient and very intense so careful with your dosages!

Make sure to have a sober friend (sitter) with you as things like death can become confused with life when under the influence of DMT.

Q21Q21's Tek: A comprehensive guide to extracting DMT
The 2 teks use non-toxic lime and vinegar and Tek 1: d-Limonene or Xylene or Tek 2: Naptha to produce very quick high yields with the greatest of ease.

I am almost never on this site anymore so I will likely not answer PMs


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#2 Posted : 12/16/2010 6:35:49 PM

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hey q21q21, its great to see you back here my friend. yes your tek sure gets used a whole lot. great idea with a follow up smoking tek. welcome back, even if its for just a visit its good to see you around.
I am not gonna lie, shits gonna get weird!
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The Art of Changa. making the perfect blend.
#3 Posted : 12/25/2010 12:26:31 AM

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Hey there,
just wanted to let you know that I am so deeply thankful for your machine bubbler invention. And for the great lime tek, too.
Without the bubbler I would be still worrying how to get properly off.
Its so secure and perfect, its really magic what you found there.

Thanks a lot and all energy and love to you,

If you need any info about mushroom growing, I am your man. See my grows on shroomery or mycotopia.
LOVE is all there is.
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