Poppy Pods & MAOIs Options
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Opiates seem to be a hot topic of debate no matter where they're discussed so I'm gonna clear up my
point of view now.

I've seen people's lives completely ruined by opiates. It happens.
In the hands of the wrong people, they're nothing but destructive.

Some people, myself included, are able to use them sparingly.
I'm looking at 1-3 times a month for the past 3 years.
This of course does not mean I suggest anybody does them.

My prime example of "good" usage was for an interview I had a month ago.
I was working a job for a while and trying to get a MAJOR bump up.
I knew the interview was coming and that the chance of a drug test was 0%.
So... I drank a fairly good size poppy tea in the morning & oh boy was I just flowing.
I was able to sway these people in a way I admittedly could not have without the opiates.
Now I'm receiving twice the pay I was before.

And then again .. Then there's my friends that are currently in jail for heroin related crimes.
Not good.

So bearing in mind my views on opiates please don't flame me Smile.
I've had enough of that for this question.

Simply asked, has anyone here tried mixing anything like Rue with poppy pods, oxy, etc?

I'm just curious because the price of these substances are going up up up and away...
I'd hate to toss aside something I consider to be great but, it's just not worth the money anymore.
I am 100% convinced that my search for answers has led to nothing but more questions.


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Medicinalindex wrote:
Moclobemid Increasing Effects of Opioid-Analgetics - in Animals

I guess you can expect the effects to increase drastically but i dont know if the Results will be more Enjoyable maybe someone else knows more - try it lowdose with Caapi Tea or Rue Extract and please Report back
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I've taken caapi alks with synthetic opiates several times. 15mg oxycodone orally and 100-200mg caapi alks orally (of the fv caapi copy variety) and felt fine. I felt the effects of both but did not notice any interaction of the two. There was not a noticeable increase in the effects of the opiates.

I should note that at the time, I did take opiates fairly regularly and I started small with the caapi before getting to the 100-200mg mentioned above.

sorry for the lack of specificity on the caapi... I just don't remember. Due to the nasty effects of taking to much opiate, please do your own "ramp up" and see what it does to you. I may have had a stronger tolerance to oxy than you do, and I suppose I could have a stronger MAO (level?) too.

Be safe, start small...

Having opiates around at a managed level is fine and feels like its under control, but if life kicks you in the tender bits... your (under control) opiates may seize the opportunity to climb up on your shoulders and ______ you in the face.

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this sounds very dangerous,trying to potentiate opiates with maois, why not just smoke some mj ?
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I wasn't trying to potentiate opiates. I was using opiates and wanted to take pharma. I tested the combo (caapi only, no spice) very slowly to see if it was possible.

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As you are probably aware poppy tea contains a number of different alkaloids and the conventional wisdom regarding opiates and opioids with MAOIs is that the combination is not recommended due to a risk of unpredictable potentiation which can prolong the experience and increase the amount of respiratory depression-prolonging the experience is not so much of an issue as the potential respiratory effects.

The opioid that should definitely be avoided with MAOIs is pethidine (aka meperidine or demerol); this is degraded to a metabolite called normeperidine which ,if it accumulates, can cause epileptic seizures and this risk is greater still if ones kidney function is impaired.Clearance of this metabolite requires MAO to be fully active.

Everyone is different in terms of their responses to drugs and stuff like opiates which are potentially lethal should ideally not be mixed with such things as MAOIs/alcohol/benzos etc; if one is intent on such combos then you MUST have a degree of tolerance to opioid effects or your chances of coming unstuck are substantial.In fact, certain medications which affect the cytochromic enzymes required for dealing with compounds such as fentanyl can potentially cause problems.These include common meds such as the macrolide antibiotics (erythromycin etc).Opiates are serious compounds and one needs to have a fair bit of experience and knowledge to use them safely in combination with other substances.

I have used FB with morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone, diamorphine and methadone without problems;I have also smolked changa some hours after taking oxycodone, morphine and fentanyl without problems BUT that is me and you cannot necessarily assume from this that you too would be safe taking opiates/opioids with MAOIs.I have not used MAOIs orally with any of the above mentioned compounds so I cannot comment on that.

Lastly, the Nexus is not really the right place for this kind of discussion.Try, or ; both have alot of info on these issues.
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Have taken pod tea with maoi twice, no bad effects either time. Maybe more sedation that I would expect from either of the two by themselves, but no serious problems. I would maybe take half your pod dose just to be safe, though.
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I noticed that doing that combo is like playing russian roulette. You might end up just fine with no adverse effects (but let's be honest, with doing opiates what is feeling fine anyways?). Other times it could trigger some very strange side effects that only start to apear an hour or two after you think it has worm off, when you least expect it.

I have several examples...

The first time I drank aya on the peak of poppy pod tea it was quite the experience. Going deep into psychedelia with no anxiety whatsoever, and really no need to get moving or having the usual psychedelic inner unability to rest and explore. I considerd it then getting something out of the trip that I wouldn't br able to get without it. I was being indecisive about combining it again, because I know if I repeated it I would repeat it all the time.

The feelings became more decisive not to repeat it in the morning. I must have slept only about half an hour, but I woke up extremely dizzy and out of my head. I get out of my house to catch some fresh air and I end up feeling like blackout drunk and smoking a bunch of crack on top of that. I though I was going drop dead right there at tge street but it went away after an hour or so. I spent the day feeling like utter crap.

Another time it was poppies alone, but a lot of them. I woke up in the middle of the night in complete psychosis. Thinking I was a piece of paper from a magazine. This resulted in me running onto the streets not knowing where to go and what to do or even who I was just trying to either get hit by something and die or wear myself out to the point of a black out only so I could not feel the way I feel. It also stoped after an hour, but damn an hour long total psychosis? I still get the shivers just thinking about how I felt. It was worse than any nightmare because it was real...

And the combo I most resent to this day which is a miracle I even survived was drinking poppy tea to comedown right after overindulging in meth. On that day I was just railing huge lines of crank in the time frame like people usualy do coke. Every 15 to 30 minutes. I was thinking its bunk yet I haven't even given it time to properly kick in, but yeah I got spun eventualy, a lot. 3 hours in I drink the poppy tea and another 3 days later I just stand up to pie and got that dizzines again. I messure my blood pressure and am certian at this point, allright this is the time I really screwed up and now I'm going to die. Hadn't my heart sick neughbor opened the door to my knocking and gave me a beta blocker I might have had that stroke which would incapacatate me permanently or yet again possibly kill me or put me in a coma.

A friend of mine which I talked to about that asked me "if I'm not mistaken poppies have some maois too? No?"

It got me thinking, he's probably right. We know for morphine, codeine, theabine, papervanine, but aren't there like 40 different alkaloids in there that extend the duration of the tea and alter some effects? To me the duration alone is an strong indicator that it posseses some maoi properties on it's own. An opiate experience that can linger on for 2 days? I don't know any pharmaceutical opoid with that long half life. And isolated morphine and isolated codeine certianly don't last as long.

So I'm not sure about oxys, or heroin, as I've only done those by themselves. Common sense indicates that stims and maois would cause some unpredictable effects. Remember, you only got one heart. The body doesn't know how to handle multiple things at once.

I would sugest you accept the cost if you must do them, but as they are no particulary interesting compounds with limited medicinal uses besides getting you hooked I would sugest you ditch them completely. The fact that the price bothers you is already telling me that you don't think they are worth that much but they're kinda pleasant so you would potentiate them if you could to save some bucks and get a good nod.

Not saying you will end up getting hooked too, but that kind of thinking paterns indicates a strong addictive tendeny. I should know, I'm a poly addict
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Well since you posted this here, i guess you know you're going to catch some hell.
've seen people's lives completely ruined by opiates. It happens.
In the hands of the wrong people, they're nothing but destructive.

Some people, myself included, are able to use them sparingly.
I'm looking at 1-3 times a month for the past 3 years.

You are not special, nor is your constitution magical. This is an incredibly ignorant statement, and is incredibly offensive to me,at least, being in recovery from heroin addiction. Neither myself nor anyoneelse needs to justify anything to you but you may want to rethink your moralistic and judgemental stance on addiction.

Many who are addicted are the polar opposite of destructive but rather trying to survive an undiagnosed mental health condition the only way they know.

I'm not going to give you any advice on how to use morphine, if that's something you want to do,go ahead but this site promotes harm reduction and a good way to do that is to not do dope.

You know, i hear the stats that only a small percentage of heroin users go on to become addicts (and debating the semantics of your pods, morphine and heroin is a straw man-it does not matter-ever seen an opium addict, morphine addict and a heroin addict side by side in a detox? I have, you can't tell them apart when if you can discern physical differences in their DOCs.), similar in number to the percentage of alcohol drinkers that go on to be full blown alcoholics. If you asked me if i was addicted to heroin, even tested my physiology to determine it, for 7 years after i first tried it and used it as a drug "delicacy" i was not addicted.

So, you're at three? Good luck with that. And good luck with your magical thinking, although i doubt you're going to be served well by it.
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