Micro Dose of Iboga and Caapi Combo Options
#41 Posted : 11/26/2010 5:56:12 AM

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rOm wrote:
How many grams about for 500mg TA iboga ?

Heya rOm - not quite sure of your question here friend, but I would do between 60-80 grams of caapi vine per 500mg or .5 grams iboga TA. The % of alks in any given total alkaloid extract can vary considerably but most 'commercial' stuff is at least around the 30% range...[that's 30% full spectrum alk profile, and of that thirty per cent about half is ibogaine, the rest is a mix of ibogamine, ibogaline, nor-ibogaine, tabernanthine, etc)

The particular TA I had was 'professionally' made by Iboga world and it was advertised as 70% - this is high for a TA and it was mighty fine too. There are many forms of total alkaloid extracts on the market including PTA (precipitated total alkaloid) and some 'in betweens'... it is important to know the source of material, like any other endeavor, but with iboga I think it is prudent to show more caution when discerning material and dose. Smile

PS> duh, it just hit me - you want to know how many grams of Wood equals 500mg of TA? Most wood is around 4-6% active alks (mixed ibogoids) so 10 grams of bark at 5% (AVERAGE) would equal 500mg of pure alkaloids, but within that spectrum somewhere between 50-70% is ibogaine, the rest are the aforementioned analogues - some of which are by weight more powerful that ibogaine itself. It can get confusing trying to work out exactly how much alks are in a given batch of wood. For ease of dosing I will usually calculate wood (iboga bark) at 5% unless it is out of this world strong, and do my math from there...500mgs of 'typical' TA (always find out what % a TA is) can vary widely too. The stuff I did was sold as 70%, so only 70% of the weight was active> 500mg at 70% = 350mgs of pure alks.

To simplify, average root bark is 5%, so for each gram of rootbark there is approx 50mg of active alks. I'd recommend eating between 2 to 4 grams of rootbark with a mild dose of caapi. This should put you in the 200mg range of ibogamines. sorry for all the crazy figures I get carried away with this shit sometimes...hope I didn't make anyone as dizzy as I made myself. Peace - C
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hahah C no worries. So I got my answer, we took ruffly the same dosage then since it was 2 grams iboga bark. With enough rue alcaloids for a pharmahuasca experience.
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talking about iboga in the chat and thought of this thread..somebody found it and i reread it..was very nice to walk down memory lane 5 years later Very happy
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Thanks for the pioneering work Jorkest, you've inspired me to form my own set of memories with this combination of plant teachers.
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