DMT dosing with benzodiazepines? Options
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I am not sure if this is the right forum but would there be any safety issues with benzos such as Xanax of Valium with DMT. Since it highers blood pressure and heart rate, while benzos depress the central nervous system I am wondering if these opposites would be okay. It seems to make me more relaxed for a not so extreme trip. Anyone tried?
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I have experimented with valium and smoked spice, it certainly is quite enjoyable although i wouldn't recommend taking valium at all!

The valium decreases any anxiety you may have and subsequently huge doses end up being smoked.
If you are experienced with benzos and dmt then giving it a try shouldn't cause any problems, just dont over-do the benzos. Smile
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I've used benzos upon occasion when LSD trips have started to go sideways. There is no physical danger that I'm aware of in mixing the two, and the benzos will definitely relax you (that's what they do afterall), but the overall experience will be greatly muted.

I think terror's just part of the deal with this stuff. Medicate it away and you also lose an integral part of the experience.
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From a health point of view is nothing wrong with dosing DMT together with benzodiazepines. It may pose a risk if you take a MAOI, so you should not attempt ayahuasca, pharmahuasca or changa. Benzodiazepines will, however, greatly decrease the effect of any psychedelic.

Generally, a benzo is what is given from health professionals if someone experience a bad trip. Not only because it decreases anxiety, but also because it will decrease the effects of the psychedelic greatly. You may not be able to break through while on benzos.

I therefore believe that you should refrain from taking any benzo before or while on any psychedelic, except if you really want to decrease the effects. Again, note that not only the anxiety will be decreased.

I have moved this topic from "Pharmahuasca" to the subforum about health and safety. Pharmahuasca is an ayahuasca analog where you use pure DMT and pure harmala-alkaloids.
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Uncle Knucles wrote:

I think terror's just part of the deal with this stuff. Medicate it away and you also lose an integral part of the experience.

A few years ago swims friend had valium and he thought oh I could take one or two to make him go for it without thinking, which he did but he forget everything, trying to remember is hard enough without valium, then its a night of forgetting everything. Which is totally stupid and missing the point/terror/joy, which he now realises. Swim has trouble sleeping as his after glows last a while and his mind struggles to settle and hes been considering a valium to get a sleep. I heard maoi's can potentiate benzos recently so better being careful. Im sure if you dose low on valium and smoke it you could bring things back, you could have a great experience just be careful when using maois.
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Proper benzodiazepines are fine with MAO inhibitors; the only hypnotic/anxiolytic drug that should be avoided with MAO inhibitors is buspirone.
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