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A little background info to start with...SWIM was with a friend, and they were having a few drinks and decided to enjoy a small dose, which they did. Not long afterwards the friend asked about taking another one. SWIM mentioned that they had read people tend to build immunity rather quickly, and so a subsequent dose would be significantly less effective, but decided to give it a go, anyway. So SWIM decided to be the guinea pig and loaded themselves up what they thought was just a little more than the previous dose. Here is SWIM's report.

My arms felt very heavy as I rested them across my body. I leaned back and closed my eyes to see linear patterns with very little colour. Each segment of these patterns dispersed into particles, out of which deeper patterns formed. This happened a few times over, until at the deepest level a room dissolved into existence.

Parts of the walls would bulge out, while others would softly indent themselves, seemingly at random. Two people emerged from the walls, female and male. They were made of the same blue/green, liquid like substance of the room. They were part of the room, but also their own entities. They were seemlessly joined with the room itself. The male on the right was pulsating, in a similar fashion to the room. This pulse was almost a thrust, and was sexual in nature. The woman, on the left, opened her arms wide, revealing a sort of curtain that fell down from her arms. Again, the curtain was seamlessly joined to her. It was a part of her being, though it didn't strike me as particularly personal or deep.

The curtain draped down, covering most of her body, though I'm certain of where it started, I'm not sure where it ended. It was made of bands of the most brilliant, yet soft, colours that were radiating light. They followed the contour of her arms in a sort of U shape that was almost on it's side, almost upside down. It was angled away from the male, as if trying to distract me. Each band of colour had a row of silvery diamonds along the entire thing. The bands also shimmered and sparkled a sort of silver light.

Both of these beings stayed in the room. Their presence was very solid. I realised that I had seen everything that I was going to on this trip, so I opened my eyes...I could still see a lot of what was going on, but it was much harder to make out. When I closed my eyes things had started to fade. The energy that was coursing through my body demanded to be released, and I happily abided by jumping around like a crazy man for the next five minutes, spinning and dancing and laughing to my self about how lucky I was to have seen something like this, and how utterly euphoric the whole experience was.

Here is a pic of the female entity that SWIM drew in Paint. SWIM is no artist.

SWIM counts themselves as being very lucky. They were not expecting such an incredible experience. Perhaps it was lucky that SWIM had, months previously, planned on breaking through, but never actually found themselves in a suitable situation to partake.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the read.

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