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Hyperspace Cowboy
A work of fiction
Chapter Three


So I had forgotten something. The last time I blasted off into hyperspace, I’d used like a spice saturated changa with a lil D thrown on top for good measure. A lil entheogen sundae with a pure white cherry on top. A gobble of goodness and off I had gone to that other secret place where everything is love, wild, and wondrous perfection and unity. But there was a hitch. Eyewitness accounts had reported I spoke the words “Yes. Thank you. Show me more.” But I don’t or vaguely remember that. I remember only the love and a brief vision of a Buddha city structure. Yeah. You got me, too.

I had to go again. Too much left unanswered. Surrender not quite complete. It was like I could see the frequency we live on and had left it but was still caught between worlds. Who wants to blastoff halfway? Not me. I had to go again.

Still, time continued to accelerate. Days flew by. Work was left undone now. Reality meant nothing.

And more.

Channels previously left dormant now lit up and flowed out unchecked. Politics. Quantum Physics. International finance. Hell, I was terrible with money and yet here I am giving a shit about the globe in a way I had never. Existential pursuits now leapt forward at an exponential rate. A new ability to connect with the world was just forming but it grew everyday stronger. Propaganda which I had always been aware of but was indifferent to now offended me such that I began to point it out every chance I got. Being a creature of the digiverse, it had interesting but positive results and so again I figured “I have to go again.” And so I did.


I’m not a New Year’s guy. Was. But since an incident when I was 18 I now celebrate and measure my years by my birthday. As it happened I had one coming up. 37. Banner year. Add me together and I’m ten. One and Zero. The binary code of the universe. Kind of freaky. I don’t know. But I was smiling to myself not about that (that factoid was pointed out to me after my third ride by my brigade brother Ant) but that the place I was going was the same number as my birthday. Coincidence my brown ass. Today seemed like a perfect day for an ego death. Now if I could just get those three lung fulls in . . .

I was nervous. I knew I was going and I guess that might have been the problem. I don’t know. It was just a scary feeling that I didn’t actually want to go. All week long I had looked forward to it. Myself, Art n Ant were about to convene at a our secret underground mountain hideout to send me off to a place I left to enter this one some 37 years ago around 1:08 in the PM. This was not an easy thing to grok.

When I arrived, Ant told me he had something special for me after this trip. In my initial meeting and indoctrination into the brigade, Ant had the best thing on this planet in a bowl next to the captain’s chair: fresh grapefruit all peeled like an orange and chilled. I seem to always come out cold and thirsty from hyperspace like my body burned some hidden fuel that sapped all the moisture from me. I figured my chilled blood came from the cold of astral travel. Good a guess as any. But I’m telling ya, that was the best fuckin’ grapefruit the gods ever made so I was stoked to go for a brief moment if only to get to that surprise.

We talked a spell and they wished me happy birthday.

“I’m nervous,” I confessed. “I’m not 100% that I am going to go.”

“Well it’s up to you,” said Art.

“I’m just, I don’t know. . .” I trailed.

“It’s not an easy thing,” Art conceded in a way that gave me confidence or at least stilled my beating heart. “I still get nervous. Every time.”

We smiled and I nervously laughed at the thought of that price tag. A huge bucket of fear for ten minutes of ‘goood lord I am one with everything and this is glorious.”

‘Great,’ I thought.


Well, needless to say I end up in the captain’s chair, a pillow behind my head. It was the middle of the day in our mountain hidden hideout getaway but strangely I had the sun on my face and a cool breeze blowing over my shivering body.

“I’m cold,” I smiled in an attempt to hide my fear.

“Here ya go,” said Ant as he grabbed a blanket from the couch and said “We’re going to do it all for you” as he tucked me in like a baby all comfy and warm. Since I wasn’t going to need my body anyway this was all better than good. I love snuggling up like a baby and so I began to relax. We laughed and talked a little more.

Art and I had talked about why I may not have broken through the last time and we decided that the spice infused changa weed or whatever might have inhibited the experience.

“It’s a nice comedown but I think it mutes it,” he told me. So I figured we’d make like my favorite fro and go natural this time. 50 mgs of pure spice in an vapor genie straight to my dome.

Ant was all set to drop in some nice music as I took off as Ant hit my still nervous ass with some gentle words of encouragement.

“Remember,” he began, “You want this. You came for this. If there was one thing god wanted us to do it would be to expand our minds and ourselves. If we could do one thing in the world it would be to sit next to god and be able to ask him stuff. So as scary as this is just remember fear is an irrational response to the unknown. It’s just your body looking out for itself while your mind and soul do its own thing.

“Fortune rewards the bold,” Ant continued as I nodded and let it sink it. “When you feel that fear, go through it and I promise you will be rewarded tenfold. You don’t want to be the guy who went right up to the precipice of fear and then said ‘ok. That’s far enough.’ Surrender and go through it” he smiled.

“Yeah, man,” Art said “Sometimes you just have to soldier up and get it done. But it’s always worth it. It’s like you pass a level and move to the next.”

Fear has always been my cross to bear. I let some great chances go by because I was afraid to risk. Today wasn’t going to be one of those days. I hoped.

“Ok,” I said. “I’m ready.”

We had discussed the Three Lungful Dilemma before and had decided the best way for me to get it done was to:

1) Close my eyes. Seeing this world get all digitized and decoded is cool and all but that monkey skull figure still fucked with me and really, it just was unnecessary trippyness. Eyes closed. Problem solved.

2) Ant would handle the vapor genie. No need for me to try and handle machinery of any kind while I’m trying to exit hyperstage left.

3) The plan was essentially Ant would coach while holding and lighting the thing. I liked this plan. I just had to breath in and out three times and I’d be good. The less thinking the better.

So we get to it and I get a lil mini hit and blow out after half the time I needed.

“Whew,” I say. “Man, this fear is rising. I don’t know. Ok. Again.”

And we start and I get a half hit again and stop but the room is starting to slightly blur.

“Guys, I’m sorry. I can’t do this. I don’t know what it is but today . . . something . . .”

Then I stopped smiling apologetically. The room was quiet and I saw it swaying. I closed my eyes and said “Ok” opened my mouth and went to work like a fuckin’ hyperspace cowboy getting back on that buckin’ bronco and not so much trying to tame him but rather submitting to his violent rhythm into the great beyond.

“Deep as you can,” Ant coached. “Deeper. Deeper. Hold it.”

Between the first two hits and that third and then I think one more, oh yeah, Houston, we have liftoff.


A giant tapestry of a room that seemed to be located somewhere in eternity filled with the best music ever. I was floating in the universe on my back smiling and loving and being loved as a benevolent chorus of love spirits greeted and welcomed me and became me and I them over and over again. I was a perfect lil kid swimming in the ocean of time and knowledge. That fear of dying and letting go was gone. A couple twinges but nothing more. The me I know as me no longer existed except for fleeting thoughts here and there. It was like I could hear my inner voice but that was all in regards to myself.

I floated through a room of infinite Buddhas in yet another infinite tapestry I was a part of.

On the outside from where Ant and Art observed for my safety, I apparently was relaxed and smiling like never before. A tear of what would have to be joy flowed down my right cheek. I pulled the blanket over my head.

Back in hyperspace it got all dark and I was chillin’ with these one-eyed glowed in the dark smiles that I was scared of for a second cos it was dark but then once I realized I was one of them it was all good. We rolled around and flowed back into space and I fell and a shift happened that blurred the lines between that world and this.

I guess I got so relaxed I slipped down the captain’s chair and for a brief second I was bumped back into the physical plain. That was fun. I closed my eyes and

Returned to the inner plain and was floating now in a smooth black ocean of digital smoothness. I was a wave that rippled and flowed in a quiet starless universe.

My eyes opened and I could see Ant and Art. The love I felt was ridiculously awesome. I turned to Art and said some shit he couldn’t understand. But I remember what it was.

“I love you, Art. I mean that. You’re my brother and we’re in this together. I don’t care what it sounds like, I love you.”

I turned to Ant and said something similar and closed my eyes and disappeared back in for several minutes or so I am told.

From this point I remember nothing much visual. Well, not true. You’ll see.

My eyes began to open and close intermittently. I was now between worlds but in a very good way. It was like I could see both channels. The blur of molecules made visible or some shit.

“You’re a shaman now,” said Ant. “You’re in both places at once. That’s a rare and special gift.”

“Happy rebirthday, man,” said Art and Ant.

“Thank you,” I smiled and laughed. “Thank you.”

And the thoughts hit me. This name I had chosen had chosen me. Kid Eternity. Like an old time fighter. I was born to be a warrior. If not literally, then a warrior for truth. For telling it like it is or at least how I see it. Fear just got it’s ass kicked and I had been rewarded for it.

In my regular life I had been in some kind of rut, let me tell you. My work is truth related but the business is full of lies. And I was having trouble using my voice to get done what I wanted. This peeling of layers I had been experiencing had led me here to this new place. All those channels coming on had done so for a reason. I knew now my purpose. Or at the very least I knew my new gift and curse. I was now seriously allergic to bullshit, hype or propaganda of all kinds including godpaganda. And I no longer could shut up about it whether I wanted to or not.

I spent a long time in between worlds. Twenty minutes, I’m told.
For what seemed ecstatically forever I was able to close my eyes and go back and forth from here to hyperspace. It was a crazy and unusual yet orgasmic experience. Extrasexual, if you will. I suggest you try it.

I felt baptized by fire. It all snapped together. Maybe I was just high but to me, the world had new meaning now. I was truly reborn. All the bullshit burnt away by letting go and knowing that yes I will die someday and damn it’s going to be so ok. The world is connected in a way we don’t understand or have lost touch with. I’m not saying I can do it all myself or that I’m a Jesus or Buddha or any sort of complex related thing. I just know and understand now that I can affect everyone I contact in a positive way. All I want to do now is go do that. And if that changes the world in any way at all, my job is done.

“That was impressive,” said Art as I ate my special chilled oranges courtesy of a smiling Ant. “You just soldiered up and went to work.”

“It was beautiful, brother,” said Ant. “I am honored to be a part of it.”

“Yup,” I smiled, orange juice gloriously running down my face. “Fortune rewards the bold.”


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Oh boy, what a beautiful read Kid E. Thank you for sharing it with us. I think you've got a most excellent party of brothers there, in my estimation they can only be of the best kind. You are blessed with good friends, and blessed with the universal love.

Bravo soldier, bravo!
Peace in mind, Love in heart
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That is one ripping good yarn, my man! I look forward to a great many more.
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Inspiring read Kid eternity. Im diggin the space cowboy metaphor, ever since cowboy bebopSmile

please more L.O.V.E. memoirs.

Thank you allVery happy
Spice Tavelin
Space Cowboy

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dang little are one helluva good writer!! that was so engaging and enjoyable- i read it TWICE! i also moved it into the DMT EXPERIENCES forum for the whole community to enjoy. you are a full member now my dear brother, feel free to post your amazing reports here henceforth!

wowie wow, that was truly special....and it just gets deeper and more profound.... Pleased

until the next L.O.V.E. summit!!

"Rise above the illusion of time and you will have tomorrow's
wisdom today."
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Wow. positive, loving, life affirming - I like that you took something from the experience that will help you in your life here, in this plane. Keep on soldiering on up the hill, brother. Namaste
"at journey's end, we must begin again"
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That's a beautiful report.

I wish I had a brigade of brothers, and sisters, to blast off with.

Keep it coming LOVE brothers.
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Awesome report kid_eternity,

you got a great writing style buddy keep up the good work!!!!!

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