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#1 Posted : 6/20/2008 4:38:06 AM

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Happy to have found this place.
Discussion is very intelligent and informative.
Hope I can contribute.

Quick introduction
35, Male, live in southeast US. Profession: Science, Biochemistry well sort of.
In my youth did lots of drugs, mainly psychedelics and even in large doses but
I don't have to tell you all, that’s just not quite it, breakthrough is very hard unless massive doses are taken. Lost my way into coke, learned a lot, but it’s the dark side of life. On massive dose there is knowledge but its dark knowledge. Thankfully straightened up, went back to school, got a PhD, had a few little ones and ten years latter here I am.

Since a very young age I always new about DMT, read about it, etc. But never saw it,
Whenever I explained it to anyone they always looked at me like I was nuts.
I knew sooner or latter I would find it but maybe wasn't ready.
As my life as turned now so much I find myself being drawn back to it, I feel for my life to continue changing as needed, then I have to experience what you have all seen.

As where I am in life now it will not be easy to find, the people I know now are so blind to what is out there, if I explained it to them they would probably freak.
So I wait patently.
I have travel on the horizon that will at least put me in the right geographic positions and I will then search again. I feel it would be best to first go with and experienced traveler.
Otherwise sooner or latter I will just break down and do the extraction alone.

I feel the more scientists that can experience hyperspace, the better.
Maybe this world can use some analytical minds observing.

So for now I will hang around and chat if that is okay.
I have ready through most of the old stuff, some pretty smart chickens in this coup.
Hope to someday join you all in the knowledge.

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-the past, the future and the dreaming moment between -
are all in one country, living one immortal day.
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#2 Posted : 6/20/2008 9:02:12 AM

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#3 Posted : 6/20/2008 11:39:46 AM

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Welcome !

Otherwise sooner or latter I will just break down and do the extraction alone.

Yeah, just do it, no need to wait for 'later' Wink

I feel the more scientists that can experience hyperspace, the better.

Politic peoples shoud experience it rather, but well... politics sometime listen scientists
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#4 Posted : 6/20/2008 12:57:58 PM

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Welcome to the forum.

I hope you join us soon! I don't think you will regret it.
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#5 Posted : 6/20/2008 5:05:27 PM

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Welcome also you should just go through with the extraction. Then you will be better suited to explain it to the blind ones. One warning when you are the only one in your circle that has experienced this knowledge it can be hard to deal with sometimes. Knowing that you have experienced the other side and everyone that you know is clueless can feel a little lonely sometimes. Thats why this board is great because we know whats up (well most of us).
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