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#1 Posted : 5/24/2008 7:42:39 AM
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I have 250gm of Hawaiian Psychotria Viridis leaves and 5gm of 100:1 extract of Banisteriopsis Caapi. What options for preparation/consumption would there be with this material?

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#2 Posted : 5/26/2008 4:47:42 PM

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Somehow the material you intended to use appears to be a little, how can i say, strange !

"Hawaiian Psychotria Virids" ? I realy never heared of a P. Viridis Strain that comes from Hawaii, as far as i know Psychotria Strains are only growing in South America - Amazon-Basin.

"5gm of 100:1 extract of Banisteriopsis Caapi" Somehow this reminds me on advertisings of Salvia Extracts, never encountered B. Caapi extracts so far! Sure it`s possible to do an Extraction of the Alkaloids B. Caapi contains.

To gain some idea how much you should use, i would try to finde out how much DMT P. Viridis contains (i think once i read 0,75 %) and then calculate the dmt for 250g p. viridis. Same i would do with the vine, find out how much harmala alkaloids are in B. Caapi, calculate it up to 5g * 100, then you should be able to do an guestimation ! The data you need should be found on erowid.

But anyway, where the heck you received this material under that Names ?
And before using, make sure it`s the real stuff !

#3 Posted : 5/26/2008 4:57:16 PM

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What options for preparation/consumption would there be with this material?

For P. Viridis, i would just boil the leaves in water about 5-8 hours. The first hours let it BOIL moderate and in the last hours BOIL it pretty hot! If needed place an venitlator in front of the boiling device to avoid that the tea is boiling out of the cooking device!. After 8 hours decant the leaves, and evap the liquid by moderate heating until the liquid reaches a quantity that is easy to drink.

As for your 100/1 extract you probably could smoke, MAYBE dissolve it in the Psychotria Liquid, or simply just put it in your moth and swallow 1/2 an hour before drinking the P. Viridis Tea. But i really don`t know what your extract is about, is it crystaline or what is it ?
#4 Posted : 5/27/2008 12:30:50 PM

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Go easy on the extract. I've read about many people overdoing it and having a really rough ride. I wouldn't use ANY more than .5g-1g of extract. A harmine overdose, while not physically dangerous (if following MAOI precautions) is mentally and physically very unpleasant!

The Hawaiian P. Viridis is supposed to be rather active. 50-75 grams of that should be sufficient (but make it up in one batch, just in case). Boil it (well, most people simmer) in acidified conditions. Vinegar works and will boil completely off as you reduce your brew, you don't need much, teaspoon per 200ml. You need to do at least 2 cooks on your leaf. Maybe 3 hours each, maybe a little more (8+ hours is usually when working with Caapi vine). Grind the leaf up in a coffee grinder, that will speed extraction. Combine all cooks and put on a low boil to reduce the volume of liquid. I usually shoot for 60-100mL per dose.
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