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#1 Posted : 10/26/2023 12:20:57 AM

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So after having my first one off experience of DMT many years ago in my teens, it has always facinated me. Not so long ago i managed to aquire some yellow spice from a friend of a friend that extracted it themselves. Being a complete novice i wasted the majority of it but i did gain some valuable experience throughout the process. Ever since i had some form of calling to learn the process of extracting DMT myself and i dont believe i will ever look back. The whole process has gripped me and I cant wait to gain more knowledge and explore my conscience and the DMT realm.

The whole community is full of extremely bright and intelligent individuals that im usually sat in awe of on numerous occasions. The time and energy people have dedicated parts of their lives to, to help people like myself is amazing and for that i would like to thank each and every one of you. Everyone is full of advice and no question is ever to much that someone will always give their input.

I performed my first ever extractions using A/B 'cybs salt tek' i used 100g of MHRB using heptane as the non polar solvent. This gave me around 2g of very clean white crystals. For my first extraction i was very proud of a 2% yeild but i do believe with better equipment i can refine my technique and push for a 3% yeild depended on the quality of my MHRB.

I have still had many miss fires unfortunately with using a bulb pipe (crackpipe), but i have also been very close to breaking through with some extremely positive experiences unfolding. I have also had the unpleasent experience of burning the spice which did have quite the negative impact on my lungs, i have now invested in the geekvape aegis solo 100 with the iris RDA MOD, i am currently awaiting its delivery and look forward to making a full report of my experience with a positive outlook that i may finally breakthrough.

I look forward to contributing to the vast array of information the forum holds and having some good disscussions with all of you. If you got this far i thank you for taking your time to read my first ever post.

I have attached a picture of my first result of extracting.

Alpha&omega attached the following image(s):
72023_fce0d3ce-cdf5-4eee-9d77-0f7456f7b7a1_20231021_194352.jpg (2,162kb) downloaded 160 time(s).

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#2 Posted : 10/27/2023 1:53:34 AM

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A warm welcome to you, A&o.
I agree with you about all the effort so many people put in to this site, helping peoples like you and me and everyone. The nexus has made an inaccessible world entirely open for me. How do I say thanks for that?
I'm glad you are moving on from the crackpipe, that is where I started as well, and it made huge differences to graduate to vapor genie and changa and even the dab rig.

I'm so happy you got the 2% yield on your first try, cyb's tek is fantastic.

But, I couldn't see any picture, probably it's something on my side.

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#3 Posted : 11/19/2023 4:53:04 PM

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Welcome to the Nexus!

I never heard of this aegis solo you are talkign about, hopefully it´s way better than the bulb pipe method, because that is really a wasteful method. Did it arrive yet? How was it?

Have you ever taken DMT orally or other psychedelics orally?

Be well
#4 Posted : 11/19/2023 10:58:32 PM

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welcome A&O

#5 Posted : 1/21/2024 12:42:40 AM

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Sorry all, havent been on in a while!

Ive just started the freeze and thaw process for my second extraction using the max ion tek. Been getting good results with the aegis but i feel like the spice lost its potency quite quick, my fault though because i couldnt keep it in the freezer. Ive been thinking of trying it in PG/VG blend for use in a normal vape. Whats peoples thoughts?

Endlessness, ive only had LSD and psilocybin orally. Whats DMT like orally, does it last longer and would i have to take an MAOI. how do you go about preparing it, if you dont mind me asking?

Thanks for the warm welcome all!
#6 Posted : 1/21/2024 1:49:34 PM

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I'm glad this thread came up again. I really enjoyed reading your introduction.

I'm not sure a 3% yield is a realistic goal, but I certainly hope it happens for you.

Mastering those bulb pipes is difficult. The key is patience - heat that bulb up low and slow. There are actually a lot of good youtube vidoes to help master technique.

But, hey changing times, right? Moving on up to emesh! I just got mine working and have not yet tried it for DMT. It is exciting and a bit daunting. One must be absolutely sure as the entire dose will vape in one single devastating hit. Other methods miss part of the dose which is why emesh has rep for breaking folks through with about 1/3 the spice normally needed. I know when I finally gut up to try it I will start with 5 mgs.

Making a vape sounds nice. I thought I might do that too. I understand they make it difficult to breakthrough but are nice for easily administered lower dose experiences.

You spice lost its' potency? That does not sound right. Did it break down or degrade in some way? Usually it keeps well for at least a year or two. But, if your vaping technique is not advanced or is too slow you might be missing a lot of the dose. Also those who use a LOT of DMT frequently sometimes notice effects and colors being less profound over time. Just thought I'd through a few factors out there to consider.

I do hope you will keep us posted during these exciting times.
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#7 Posted : 1/28/2024 11:01:04 AM

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Hi pandora,

Thanks for dropping a comment on my thread, always a pleasure speaking with you, your a font of knowledge.

Ahh really, well one can dream of a 3% yeild 😂

Yeah the bulb just was not doing it for me and just didnt feel very safe, im a lone wolf when i try the spirit molecule and dont have a sitter. So i felt it best to steer clear incase of any possible accidents. I still managed to get some pretty out of this world experiences though, so all was not in vain.

Its good news to hear your giving the e-mesh a go. its really upped the experience for me, although i feel like i still have a long way to go in terms of getting to breakthrough. I think ive spoken to you before about not being able to fully let go and i think this is whats potentially holding me back. Its so hard to explain my experiences due to them being literally impossible. Ive folded into impossible folding doors and come across entities passing me but ive never been able to fully be emersed in it, to the point im no longer aware of my physical being. As for the dose ive had it around 15-20mg but usually still end up with some left of the e-mesh, so im not sure if my settings are incorrect or if its down to the mesh i got with the vape not being the best. Im still very much a noob but learning along the way.

Ahh really i had took the assumtion that because the spice i extracted with heptane was more pure than the likes of naphtha extraction. That the spice itself was more unstable and had a higher chance of degrading if not kept in the freezer. Ive still got a bit left and havent touched it due to thinking it was now a compromised. You could be right about the vaping technique though because i am usually left with some on the mesh as previously mentioned above. I have been experimenting quite a lot with the spice so it could potentially be both technique and excessive use.

Yes i shall keep you all up to date, its extraction day today im about to basify so wish me luck.
#8 Posted : 1/31/2024 8:37:36 PM

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With emesh its all about toke rate and temp. You want the hottest temp without burning it. The hotter the vapor the more intense it will be. Emesh can be kind of uncomfortable on the lungs at first even with very clean spice. You gotta work up to the 25-30mg hit if you're not adapted yet. I say start with small doses between 5-10mg for practice and work up. Or if you vape hash I used that to get my lungs acclimated.

For the technique I put mine on 17w power standard mode, then I start the inhale a second before starting the fire button.

With emesh you want to toke very slow because if you toke too fast the mesh will cool off and so will the vapor giving a barley perceivable experience and still leaving some on the mesh. Think of the inhale like a reverse whisper.

I try to imagine I'll be inhaling the whole dose in about 6-7 seconds.

The trick is to inhale like it's a reverse whisper. When I first started I knew it was a slow inhale but it was even slower than I thought. You want to really be barley inhaling in just enough to push the smoke up and into your lungs but not enough to create to big of a micro current.

Remember fast tokes will cool off the mesh too much.

Try slowing it waaay down and upping the wattage.

I have found TC mode is not very great but that's just preference.

I love the emesh and is my favorite way to launch.

Let me know if there is anything more I can help with and wish you the best day ❤️
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#9 Posted : 2/2/2024 11:25:27 PM

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Im back!

So the extraction didnt go very well at all. This was completely my fault due to rushing the whole process due to tine restrictions i had. I knew when i was doing the extraction that this would be the case, so alot was wasted unfortunatelt. I only got a measly 0.5g from 150g of MHRB, greed probably played a role in this too because i said to myself i should have just stuck ti the 100g. Hind sight is a great thing. The spice itself is pure white no yellow tinge at all. But boy is it good

Im writing this merely minutes after sampling said extraction. It literally blew me away, my first ever offical brealthrough i met what i believe to be the machine elves that fleeted about and seemed to inspect me but they put me at ease. i was able to make out i was in a location of some form, it felt to me like a station, the elves dashing and darting around they seemed to be grabbing and pulling on a vail that revealed a colourful geometric plane of the universe. I was in awe the whole time. Again i stuggle to explain the impossibleness of my experience possibly through lack of experience and me trying to comprehend what i have witnessed.

I find it amazing how people can go into so much detail of their experiences as i find it so hard to put into words!

The_Embalmer i done around 15-20mg on 16.5w and seemed to get the toke rate spot on no spice left of the mesh which is a first for me and it hit so hard when i seen the smoke stop through transparent extention of my vape it put me on my back and i was away pretty deep. Thank you for the wise words my friend, theyre always appreciated. Yeah i used to use TC when i first got the vape but i too have found it was easier to use wattage mode as you can gauge it better with a good toke rate. Its y far the best way to smoke the sacred spice in my opinion the amount i used to waste in the bulb was crazy i will never look back. Although im dying to give the Pharmahuasca a good for a good prolonged experience i like deep diving into these experiences.
#10 Posted : 2/3/2024 9:18:51 AM

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The_Embalmer wrote:
With emesh its all about toke rate and temp...


I set my T200 to 17W standard mode (I think this set a minimum for the device), and then went the SS Mesh mode and set the max to 28w, and toke on that mode.
For me and this 100 micron mesh that was the perfect setting. It keeps the mesh at a constant rate during the toke.

My 150 micron mesh which I haven't used yet is 304 SS, so I may need to set the max to 50W, because its a heavier mesh. Your mesh will act like a 'fuse'. Too high and it will actually break the mesh like an old glass fuse.

My first trip I had it too low I think, and while I still took a nice trip, when I set the settings as described above the trip was much more intense.

Alpha&omega wrote:
I only got a measly 0.5g from 150g of MHRB

I did this on my first extraction. Luckily I was doing a STB so I fixed it and my second pull was good and recovered, but my problem was I wasn't mixing the naptha through the root bark enough. You want to mix it enough that it "scrubs" the DMT from the RB mix, but not so violently that there are emulsions (which you can clean at the final stage if you get them).

I think there may be something to making sure that your mixing container is a size where when you put in all your ingredients there is no room left for air at the top. When you do this, the naptha has no choice when you flip your container than to evenly run through *all* of your root bark mixture and collect all the DMT on the way through. When you don't fill the container, and you mix, the naptha tends to stay towards the top of the RB mix. I'll find out in my next mix. I think I'm going to switch from a half-gallon jar to a 1 quart, which seemed to be the max level of my last extraction. I burp the jar after each mix to relieve the pressure.

I like that you are trying new methods and trying to figure out which one generates the max yield. I think a lot of experienced people on here have done that at some point and settled on a favorite.
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