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Salvia Recognita seed germinated! Now what? Options
#1 Posted : 1/26/2024 3:38:53 PM
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So I managed to get this far with these damn seeds, only one has sprouted.

Any tips on how to continue? Having a weird feeling this is where it stops, mostly because it sort of stayed this way for about a day or so, but it could simply be growing its root system out. Regardless, I'm still proud of myself for managing to germinate one of these half impossible seeds in the first place Smile

Also, just for fun, here's a picture of my happiest peruvian torch seedling, my current pride and joy!

Recognita attached the following image(s):
20240126_103231.jpg (8,048kb) downloaded 41 time(s).
20240124_173506.jpg (5,756kb) downloaded 42 time(s).

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#2 Posted : 1/27/2024 2:49:55 AM

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My advice is don't germinate S. Recognata with humidity domes they don't sprout as easy. Naturally they sprout after long cold periods and can handle quite a bit of heat in summer in their mountainous native environment. So think about soil needs of such a plant.

They will be quite temperamental for a long while just water once soil is damp but make sure it is well drained. If its well draining soil you can't over water them really. But they will die if they sit in water logged soil. You'll want a bit of inorganic like small stone grit and sand for it to thrive, they need good drainage. 40% soil to 30% sandy loam and 30% grit rock works well, once you up pot it which you wont need to do for a while.
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