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Charlie Rascal
#1 Posted : 9/5/2023 3:13:05 PM

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It's been fun doing the questionnaire. I started it in January 2022, so it only took me 20 months! I learned a lot of things along the way, mostly I learned that i don't know much at all about the history of psychedelics, neurology, biology, extraction...

The DMT nexus has been a great space to dive into to read other folks questions and wisdom. Super helpful with learning to extract. Around 2 and a half years ago a friend expressed his great desire to try DMT. He also said it seems like I could easily 'make' it. He suggested to me that because I make soap, and it looks like the same thing (OMG!), and that it should be easy for me. Over the pandemic, I thought that a good way to spend my time would be to learn some chemistry and make my own MDMA or LSD (lol). It took a quick search to understand that it was a heftier project than I realized. But I learned some more and developed a great appreciation for those who actually do this, as well as leading me to TIHKAL and PIHKAL. It gave me a huge appreciation for the folks that made the mdma that I somehow accumulated a large quantity of in 1988 to share with a large household, including friends and intimates of that web of interconnection. That was the year that I felt love without fear for the first time in my life. I can be pretty closed up as it is, so i can't imagine how difficult my life would have been without that embodied opening into love and trust.

My first experience smoking DMT was very recent, March 2022. It has become an ally in my life and I have experienced deep healing, love, insight, amazement, and wonder in the spaces of it. It is also the only only thing I have had that will immediately take away my rare migraines with only a small amount.

Thanks for reading. I am looking forward to continuing the learning in this space!

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#2 Posted : 9/5/2023 5:02:37 PM

Got Naloxone?

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Charlie Rascal,

Thank you for this introduction and your hard work on the questionnaire. I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to seeing more from you.
"But even if nothing lasts and everything is lost, there is still the intrinsic value of the moment. The present moment, ultimately, is more than enough, a gift of grace and unfathomable value, which our friend and lover death paints in stark relief."
-Rick Doblin, Ph.D. MAPS President, MAPS Bulletin Vol. XX, No. 1, pg. 2

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#3 Posted : 11/19/2023 4:59:35 PM

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Welcome to the Nexus!

Have you tried oral DMT yet?

What about mushrooms, do they affect your migraines?

Be well
#4 Posted : 11/19/2023 10:53:50 PM

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Charlie Rascal, WELCOME !

Bez !
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