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Terrifyingly beautiful.

Live plants. Sustainable, ethically sourced, native American owned.
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This reality is papier-mâché and DMT is an industrial shredder.
Come experience the most controversial thread in Nexus history, the one they don't want you to know about. They've locked it, censored my replies, hid it deep in the forum, threatened to remove it permanently, temporarily suspended me, and even put a hit out on me (probably)... but they'll never break me. Nexus' first political prisoner. ATTICA! ATTICA! ATTICA! Mostly kidding because I'm extremely sassy and silly and say things in jest, but come check it out anyway!
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Oh crap, why did I do this to myself again?
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wishes she had chosen "nobodywillpickthis1" as her username

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weird things are happening
-wishes she had chosen "nobodywillpickthis1" as her username-
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safe travels!

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the framework of love behind our eyes Smile
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Reality is all a matter of perspective.
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UnSaNiTy wrote:
So there was only one thing that I could do was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long.

Everybody sings along!
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. * 🛸. * .🌙 * . * * * ☄️. * * . 🌍* . . * 💫 * . * . . *. ✨ * . * 🌑 . * ☄️ * . * 🌕 . * . * . * . *. * *

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Nuber stime fidolark mimstay ubrilitical jimjabar!!!!!
'There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there's insanity. You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity, but not insanity, is unsanity.' -Sidney Cohen
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"Do I need a diaper for this?"

One love
What if the "truth" is: the "truth" is indescernible/unknowable/nonexistent? Then the closest we get is through being true to and with ourselves.

Know thyself, nothing in excess, certainty brings insanity- Delphic Maxims

DMT always has something new to show you Twisted Evil

Question everything... including questioning everything... There's so much I could be wrong about and have no idea...
All posts and supposed experiences are from an imaginary interdimensional being. This being has the proclivity and compulsion for delving in depths it shouldn't. Posts should be taken with a grain of salt. 👽
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