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Browsing the Hyperspace Lexicon I found a word and definition lacking which could potentially be added to the lexicon.

As you may know the importance of naming a thing so it can be communicated and understood.

I'm not sure of the word but it's my hope a consensus can be reached.

My description of the word is the following.

There is CEV (closed eye visials) and OEV (opened eye visuals), but there is also something beyond them which is the progression of the visual phenomena of the DMT journey. It's a combination/blending/merging of the two types of visuals which the phychonaut become fully immersed into. Something which I and most likely many others have experienced which is reached at the cusp of, but mainly a feature of the breakthrough itself. Where there is no longer a distinction between CEV and OEV's, your vision becomes one, your percieving/viewing through your minds/imagiative/third eye. At first it can be frightening or disorientating, you may be blinking your eyes and wondering are they opened or closed? Questioning do I even have eyes. You might forget that you have eyes. Whether your eyes are opened or closed it makes no difference. In fact it's perhaps a distinguishing indicator of the depth of you're DMT journey.

Have you experienced this?

Perhaps explain it in your own words and also come up with a name/word to describe it.

The names I can think of is.
1. One vision. OV
2. Third eye visual. TEV
3. Minds eye visual. MEV
4. Full immersion visual. FIV

Is it worthy of a new entery into the Hyperspace Lexicon?

The new entry might look like this.

FIV (Full immersion visual)
Beyond that of the CEV and OEV. No longer seperate and distinct visual phenomena of the closed eye and open eye visuals. Visuals so intense as to become fully immersed in them. A reliable indicator of the depth of the journey on DMT. Experienced very close to but mainly a feature within the breakthrough.

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yes this has been one of the most fascinating experiences for me. i found that i could more often get this to happen in pitch dark settings.

but yea it's like eyes don't matter anymore.

i like FIV even tho it reminds me of feline HIV
-wishes she had chosen "nobodywillpickthis1" as her username-
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