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#1 Posted : 9/29/2023 8:38:25 AM
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Forgive me if I'm a little off as something very strange is happening. I am a long time psychonaut whose primary interest is in cubensis. When I was younger, I used to love doing only synthetic drugs like molly, 2cs, and heroin. I have since grown out of that phase of my life and focus purely on natural substances. I thank mushrooms partly for this revelation, but also kratom for allowing me to quit downers and move on with my life. Lately, I have been interested in branching out and experiencing the San Pedro cactus and Mimosa Hostilis.

Anyways, to the reason I am finally reaching out to this forum. Figured I'd go ahead and mix this into my intro essay. I have been reading through the amazing TEKs you all have available here and recently came into some bulk Bridgesii. I was planning on stressing, but ended up in a situation where I needed to quickly utilize a couple of the cuttings as they were suffering from mold issues. These hadn't been dried at all and weren't stressed, so they had a lot of moisture in them. I ended up with 1.1kg of very wet cactus chunks after removing the core.

On to the important part:

I just had the strangest experience and I was wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen. While cutting up the cactus with my bare hands, I suddenly started feeling something. My pupils are not dilated, but I'm significantly stimulated. My heart rate is up and I feel a buzz. This is definitely not placebo. I can't find anything suggesting the use of gloves while preparing San Pedro. I can't find a single report of people having this happen. Can one or more of the alkaloids in San Pedro be absorbed through the skin when handling the wet flesh of the cactus? Has anyone else experienced this?

Surely, it isn't the mescaline, but I feel waves of euphoria followed by waves of anxiety along with, as I said earlier, significant stimulation. No hallucinogenic effects, so far and I have a feeling it isn't possible to have absorbed enough mescaline for that, if it is even one of the responsible parties.

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Hi dimm,

Interesting experience! My scientific programed mind (brain) immediately thinks "get another data-point!", but my body says "the flux invites and encourages your current path".

But alas, I'm not a psychonaut (more of a psychoNot) and have not even been in a in a waiting room of the Nexus. All I have experienced is what the Life has thrown at me.

But I am currently growing San Pedro to investigate the Flux.

Maybe others can chime in with more hands-on experience.
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Welcome to the Nexus!

Ive handled pedro many times, even poked myself a bunch of times on the spines accidentally while doing it, but Ive never felt any effects without actually consuming them.

By the way how are you considering extracting the cact?

Personally I never remove the core, while it has a lower percentage if mescaline compared to green flesh, it still will contain some that is going to get thrown away... Might as well make use of everything imo.

Be well
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Welcome to the Nexus!

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