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Hi Forum,

This is so amazing that this trip report is so similar to this one! but let me keep going. Also, there is a question at the end of the post, so please keep reading ; )

So, my sister started experimenting with the spice. She is a “shrooms veteran”, she tripped many times, including heroic doses, and she really enjoys it. She had spiritual experiences, deep revealing life lessons, she is comfortable with the ego loss. For whatever reason she is very nervous when trying the spice. She was experimenting with cartridges, and emesh. She likes the vibe of the DMT, the patterns, the love and all the good stuff when using lower doses but breaking through makes her really nervous. Also, she struggled with the right technics to get proper amount of spice to her system in a short time to accomplish the breakthrough. To be honest, her sets and settings are horrible. There is always a spouse around, or a child. The time she has just for herself is during the lunch breaks in between conference calls (she works from home, "a businessman trip" kind of).

Yesterday she finally figured out a proper wattage setting on her emesh, she loaded around 30-40mg of spice and ... she blasted off … She was gone for 10 min (real world clock time). It was an uncomfortable experience. She tried to resist, but she couldn’t, she was afraid that she was holding her breath too long and wouldn’t be able to breathe again, her ego broke into pieces with the sound of a broken glass, then was put back together. It was intense. Then she found herself in this place full of yellow light. She reached a glass-like, translucent yellow wall. There was a strong and tall male figure behind the wall saying “no, this is not the right way to do this, you are not allowed, you are not ready”. There was also a female figure behind the wall. The female didn’t say anything, but her presence emanated the feeling that there is something wonderful behind the wall, something really worth coming back for.
On the way back my sister traveled though the world of patterns and love, like you see on all these trip pictures and videos, with the only difference that everything was yellow. Perhaps the color was coming from the sun shining through the windows in her room. Then she opened her eyes and enjoyed morfing object, resting, and being plesanty tired.

Please help her interpret this experience. Was this “a breakthrough” or a “denied breakthrough”, or maybe she took too much and was trying to break through the breakthrough and was stopped at the other end of the hyperspace and was sent back?

Thank you so much!

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There is many levels of the DMT experience. Not distinct levels per se but more like a sliding scale of intensity. A feature of the breakthrough, or being close to a breakthrough is when vision becomes one. Where there is no difference between open eyes and close eyes visuals, there is just one vision. Your third eye, the minds eye, overlays visual perception. It can be disorientating at first, you might be blinking your eyes open and closed wondering whether they're opened or closed, or questioning if you even have eyes. So the minds eye vision is a indicator of being close to a breakthrough.

Another indicator of a breakthrough is feeling like you've died. Or conversely feeling like you've been asleep your whole life and only now woken up.

Sound to me like she had an intense and incredible experience, came close to a breakthrough but not the full breakthrough experience. Whether thats because of being blocked by underworld gate keepers or not I dont know. I would say increase the dosage.

Also yes its best to create time for yourself without being distacted or called upon. Or if someone is present, like a sitter, that time is dedicated to the journey.

Also from the DMT Nexus Hyperspace Lexicon.

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