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DMT vaping guide Options
#241 Posted : 9/15/2022 1:49:19 AM
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Voidmatrix wrote:
pierrotlefou wrote:
Hey Voidmatrix, sorry to post here, but I'm unable to send a pm, I don't have the memebership yet.
What is your current setting with the DV4 ? Like Wattage and TCR or TC settings ?
I've one, and I want to try, cause e-mesh is not smooth with my beloved lungs. Thanks !

No worries. Love

I typically set my mod to around 37 watts for the DV4. I hold the fire button for about 10 seconds before inhaling. I release and then fire again for my hit. This method makes it so you only need to take one long pull to get everything you've loaded.

One love

What temperature settings do you use for the quartz (330F?)? Also, how long is your hit about and do you do this all in one hit or in multiple?

Also, Is that first 10 seconds preheat done with pre-melted base or with crystalized base (I'm referencing the first 10 seconds before the second 10 second hit)?

In another post you said you use about 20-25mg I believe. Is that enough to get a breakthrough on one hit with the quartz?

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some one
#242 Posted : 9/21/2022 6:36:55 PM

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iamalien wrote:
Hi some one

sorry wrong thread I know but I am unable to ask on the other one.
How are you getting on with the alcohol extraction?
Do you still use it and recommend it?
If so any updates?
Thank you!

I stopped using drops (spice dissolved in ethanol) due to the following reasons:

- The ethanol solution slowly evaporated down to a lower volume in my pipette bottle. This means that the dosage per drop increased at an unknown rate. Less accurate dosing compared to loading crystals in the device. Note that this could be solved by using a hard cap instead of a pipette as the bottle lid.

- When dropping the spice solution into the vape device the spice spreads out very evenly. Vaping the spice burned it faster due to more surface area. If you place a heap of spice crystals in your device instead, there is more heat buffer which works better.

- It took effort to evaporate all ethanol after loading drops into my device. I suspected I inhaled some ethanol which isn't healthy.

Conclusion: best is to weigh multiple dosages of spice and preload each of them in a capsule to empty in your vaping device.

Hope this helps Thumbs up
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#243 Posted : 12/20/2022 11:02:51 AM
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anrchy wrote:
Disclaimer: This harm reduction guide is meant to reflect the general opinion of this community. Any forum member that disagree's with any info in this guide please post your concern so that this guide can be updated. Any info that needs to be added please post a reply so this guide can stay properly informative. This guide is to help others in order to not vape a too large of dose while learning how to vaporize DMT.

Chart for common dose sizes wrote:
Threshold: 5-10mg (none to very slight CEV's & OEV's psychedelic thought patterns)
Low: 10-15mg (none to slight CEV's and very slight OEV's possible)
Common: 15-30mg (Most common Breakthrough range)
High: 30-45mg (Pretty insane, can be very difficult to handle for some)
Overkill: 45mg and up (Not Recommended, most who vape this properly NEVER do it again)
Get a good Scale

Step 1: Choose a method.
The following is a list of the currently recommended methods for vaporizing DMT in order of approximate efficiency. (links coming soon)

Classic VG
The green Buddha (gvg alternative)
The firewood 2.1
The Machine
The Sandwhich Method
The Inspirator mkII
The Key V2
Electronic Vaporizers
Meth pipe/Crack Pipe/Oil burner ect.


Devices that do not work well or are not recommended:

Tin Foil
Anything using a plastic bottle
Vapor Genie Glass bat

Other links:
q21q21's thread on making The Machine
Cyb's amazing "custom" Machine - HERE

Step 2: Learn proper technique.

Results will vary considerably if you don't perfect your skills with the device you are using. You may mistake the need for higher dose with improper vaporization technique. Take your time to learn how to properly vaporize DMT so that you can be more accurate with dose sizes. If you vaporize 30mg of DMT and it does not produce strong results, this could cause you to believe you need more. If in fact you failed to vaporize it correctly, and you up the dose to 40mg and vaporize that correctly you may experience a much stronger trip than you can handle.

With proper technique and a good device, GVG or Classic VG for example, your first dose should be between 10 and 15mg. I say this low because of a couple reasons.

1. You probably won't Vape it correctly until you learn how, no need to waste 50mg to learn.
2. It's much easier to tell if your vaping it correctly using low doses because if you don't feel anything your doing it wrong. At 10mg you will have to do a pretty good job vaping the DMT to get a feeling out of it. At 40mg you will probably still feel something even if you do it wrong.

If you don't follow the above suggestions, please atleast, DO NOT LOAD more than 25mg for your first. Yes you MAY be able to handle more, but it's simply not needed, and you should take your time finding the right size dose after you learn to properly vaporize it. It can be a waste of spice in many different ways, and too much can send you through a pretty scary trip. DO NOT LOAD 50mgs or more. If you vape 50mg correctly you will either black out or have a way more intense ride than you were expecting or would ever wish to have.

Note: Dose CAN be variable for SOME people due to natural tolerance or unknown reasons. Start low and work your way up by 5-10mg amounts. If you dont feel anything with 10-15mg DO NOT up the dose, this means you are not properly vaping the spice!

Depending on the persons psychedelic experience and tool this varies alot. I would say to anyone who wants to take it the first time not to load anything over 15mg with a proper tool and techniqúe, there's no problem loading more later and in most cases it's best to get ones feet wet first.

Onset: 15 - 60 seconds
Duration: 5 - 10 minutes
Baseline: 15 - 60 minutes

tele wrote:
New users should also notice that poor technique and tools (such as screen) will require more material for the same results. Also if using freebase on a copper or stainless steel mesh one should always load the dose in the middle of the screen(for example pouring the dose in through a cone), to avoid it sticking to the glass. Pre-melting is also my recommendation.

Snozzleberry wrote:

If you go with a meth pipe, there is a method that works great to avoid burning, but it is significantly trickier/harder than the vapor genie.

Essentially, you load the dmt into the meth bulb and using a torch lighter, begin to melt the dmt. In order to do this, ignite the lighter and move it towards and away from the bulb, the flame ideally should come short of ever making contact with the glass and the oscillations of near and far should be fairly smooth. As the bulb heats up, the dmt will liquefy and collect at the bottom of it.

Once all of the dmt is liquefied, you can hold the flame near the bulb for a slightly longer time and the liquid dmt will kick up plumes of vapor/smoke (depending on how close/how long you hold the lighter at this point). You don't want to start holding the lighter closer/longer until the dmt is liquefied and you are ready to begin inhaling it. As the liquid begins bubbling and plumes of vapor/smoke begin to appear, start inhaling gently and smoothly for as long as possible.

This method is greatly helped by having somewhere designated to put the hot pipe down, such as a plate, as the hot bulb will burn through/melt just about any fabric. I used to work the lighter for everyone I knew who wanted to dry dmt when I was using this method and there were no complaints of harsh vapors and the people who were trying it didn't have to worry about anything but inhaling, so an assistant may help while perfecting this method.

I had great success with this method for a good year before the GVG began to really get hyped and I purchased one. Hope that helps, should you find yourself relegated to meth pipes

#244 Posted : 9/23/2023 8:24:48 PM
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New user here, my cat experienced with vaping a premade DMT oil from a reputable distributor in my area. They used a Vaporesso GTX GO 40 and experienced very amazing results, how ever i'm a little bit confused on how to reach what is called a "breakthrough".. The oil is dosed 400mg DMT/per ml, would that be enough or is it advisable do blend more freebase into the solvent to raise it up to say.. 6-700MG/per ml? Any advice is welcome.
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