Diazepam and Peganum harmala / Other MAOIs Safety Options
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Hello, sorry for the newbie type question here , but I dug up the internet a lot and I could not find any conclusive answer, I thought here would be the most appropriate place to ask .

I've been preceded Diazepam (BenzoDiazepines) by a stupid psychiatrist for PTSD, but I have extensive psychotherapy and experience with magic Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, DPT and other psychedelics which helped me tremendously more than Diazepam, I'm currently tapering off this shitty addictive drug .

I've been using Diazepam daily for like 3 years now .

Is it dangerous to use MAOIs as I take Diazepam daily and I'm addicted on it ?
Some sources talked about some potentiation like the trip sit chart but I did not really find anything conclusive .

Does anyone have experience with this combination ?

I really love DMT and high doses of mushrooms, therefore, I would really love to brew Ayahuasca because so far, the therapeutic effects of shrooms on my PTSD have been so much more healing than any med has ever been .

Thanks a lot guys if you take some of your time to answer Smile

Love ^^

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Here's a relevant discussion on the topic.

I'm sure you're aware, continue to taper your benzo dose slowly, since abrupt benzo withdrawal is dangerous.

Here's another post that goes into considerable detail.

PS - I found these by using the forum Search function (which - contrary to popular belief - does actually work sometimes!) and using the search terms "benzo harmala" in the "posts" field, then clicking the green "Search" button.

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As has been mentioned in one of the threads DFZ linked to, quitting benzo's without tapering off, can lead to unpleasant withdrawals. Epileptic seizures can be one of the symptoms.

It is also relevant to mention that psychedelics like DMT, shrooms and LSD, increase the risk of epileptic seizures as well.

So it would definately be wise to take all the time you need, tapering off.
The combination of a nervous system, not completely adapted yet, to a live without benzo's, AND a powerfull psychedelic, could be extremely unpleasant.
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Vapourous Soul

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Thanks a lot for your answers .

So apparently they would potentiate but it is not a no o or too dangerous of a combination, I might try tiny MAOI doses first to see how my body reacts .

Obviously, I do not plan on quitting cold turkey that would be dangerous I'm tapering off with my doctor .

I can only imagine how painful it would be to trip while in Withdrawal, it must be pure paranoia and physical pain / seizure risk
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Benzos are just fine to take with Harmalas/MAO-A inhibition. I've taken Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin (all separately of course) together with Harmalas, there's been no issues noticed. You'll be just fine to take a benzo say earlier in the day and Aya at night. I personally use Lemon Balm for GABAergic effects though.
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